Sarah Araigy: 'What we built throughout the past four years got collapsed in one second'
Posted on 2020 Dec,09

Sarah Araigy, Co-Founder and Business Director/Operations Manager of Bridge of Minds, explains to ArabAd how the team is managing to stay motivated after the terrible blast of August 4 at the Port of Beirut.

Where were you on August 4 at 6:08 PM?

At Bridge of Minds offices in Mar Mikheal, Achrafieh.

What is your first impression upon seeing the damages and desolating scenery that affected your workspace and Beirut?

First thing that came to my mind, Beirut blast is real and it is an irreversible reality. What we built throughout the past four years got collapsed in one second. What's more heartbreaking is seeing the injured young team resilient and persisting on not giving up and to keep working in Lebanon.

How is the morale?

Four members from the team got severely injured including myself and we are traumatized for life. We are stronger than ever and looking forward to relocate in our new offices in Lebanon and UAE with high hopes for the future. Brave Minds we are!

Will you be able to bounce back after the hardship?

Working for the GCC region from Lebanon made the non-injured team resume work the second day of the explosion with a strong motivation to put the company back on track while delivering a high quality of work as if nothing happened the night before.

Have you already resumed work and under what conditions?

The team resumed work the second day of the explosion from their houses until we rented a temporary office where we meet on weekly basis and move forward with work.

What’s left when we lost almost everything?

When we almost lost our lives, we gained a great team bonding, and a more solid clients’ relationship.

We are back to continue building relationships with BOM community: clients, suppliers, media, influencers, to remind them that we need to preserve our identity, values, distinctive approach, empathy and passion that we can't but communicate at every hour through all our work.

Any additional message you’d like to add?

We are here in "Lebanon", we are working; we are providing the latest advertising solutions to the world!

For all the entrepreneurs, and start up agencies keep on rolling!