Wael Jaber on balancing fatherhood and entrepreneurship in the events sector
Posted on 2023 Nov,07

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Wael Jaber, the Founder and CEO of Memories Events Management shares glimpses of his entrepreneurial journey—one that saw him transform from a determined solo entrepreneur into the leader of a thriving UAE-based company with over 100 employees. Today, Wael leads a group of companies comprising Memories Events Management, One 11 Creative Agency, The Builder’s Box and WJ Land Development.

Balancing the roles of a devoted father and successfully navigating the challenges and triumphs of the events industry is no simple feat. Wael provides insights into the inspiration that sparked the beginning of his business journey, the pivotal moments that moulded his path, and the strategies he employed to achieve harmony between his professional and father responsibilities.


Could you describe the initial inspiration or driving force behind your decision to start your business?

Just like any passionate young man pursuing his dreams, my hopes and aspirations were sky-high during my early days in Dubai. My journey eventually led me into the entertainment business, where I had the opportunity to discover my profound passion for the excitement and allure of the events industry. This experience awakened the event enthusiast within me, driving my dedication and commitment to this field.


What were the most significant challenges you faced while building your business and juggling father responsibilities?

Looking back, the era of Covid presented an immense challenge for business owners. It demanded rapid and precise decision-making, with the livelihoods of many hanging in the balance. Fortunately, we navigated this period exceptionally well. We made the necessary decisions without sacrificing any assets, and not a single employee was let go. Our team came together like a close-knit family, facing the crisis as one cohesive unit. The outcome of these collective efforts was rewarding. Post-pandemic, our business experienced growth, and our employees exhibited an even stronger sense of loyalty.

On a personal level, as a young father managing the delicate balance between establishing a thriving business career and securing a future for my two children, I won't deny that it was challenging. However, this challenge became a driving force, motivating me to take calculated risks and strive for a better life for my family.


How did you manage to balance your professional and personal responsibilities during the growth phases of your business?

Maintaining balance is a significant challenge, especially in the fast-paced events industry. But it's not an impossible task. My approach has always been to prioritize and take action accordingly. By clearly defining my priorities, I was able to strike a balance between my professional and personal responsibilities. This strategy helped me stay on track and eliminate unnecessary obstacles.


Can you provide specific examples of pivotal moments or decisions that shaped your journey and contributed to your business success?

Certainly, risk-taking has played a significant role. Throughout my journey, there have been numerous pivotal moments where, in retrospect, some might have considered me daring. I firmly believe that opportunities and progress often reside beyond one's comfort zone. I've willingly embraced challenges in business that, by conventional logic, might have seemed unfeasible. Yet, with the unwavering support of my dedicated team, we not only propelled the business forward but covered substantial ground, achieving remarkable milestones along the way.


I firmly believe that opportunities and progress often reside beyond one's comfort zone. I've willingly embraced challenges in business that, by conventional logic, might have seemed unfeasible.


Were there any key mentors or influencers who played a role in guiding your path?

Every meeting, encounter, and conversation presents an opportunity for personal growth and learning. I have a penchant for discovering mentors in every individual I encounter. This ability to adapt and absorb wisdom from my surroundings has led me to dub myself a 'Chameleon' of sorts. Throughout my journey, life itself has served as my school, and I've always believed that the most valuable lessons are learned the hard way. I hold deep gratitude for the many remarkable individuals who have crossed my path, leaving an indelible mark on me.


Could you share insights into the caliber of your clients, number of employees, and notable partnerships or collaborations?

Memories began as a small venture, and today we have expanded our reach significantly. We are privileged to work with a diverse range of high-caliber clients. From luxury brands to multinational corporations, our client portfolio reflects the trust and confidence they have in our services. We have had the honor of collaborating with government leaders and institutions, which has further solidified our reputation for excellence.

We started with just me, and now we have grown to over 100 employees. Our success lies in our core values of being smart, honest, hard-working, passionate, and humble. It's not just about the numbers; it's about building a team that shares a common vision and is dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

We have ventured into multiple sectors, including real estate with Wael Jaber Land Development, and innovation with The Builder's Box. These endeavors have allowed us to diversify our offerings and contribute to the growth and development of various industries. We are also proud of our global presence, with offices in Dubai, Riyadh, Beirut, and Cyprus, positioning us as a truly international event management company.