Dubai More than a City: an Interview with Jan Leube
Posted on 2016 Nov,25

Jan Leube, Regional Executive Creative Director, Publicis ME feels that Dubai is more than a city, rather an idea and a great one at that. His drive is to make a daily impact and if that implies winning awards, then what could be better! What follows is his take on what living and working in a place unlike any other feels like.


What sets Dubai apart from other countries in the Middle East-- especially when it comes to crafting award-winning campaigns? 

I get out of bed every morning passionate about impacting human behaviour deeply and in the best possible way. If this wins awards, great.


With Dubai being a widely diverse landscape of people and cultures, is there an effort to craft ad campaigns within a certain framework for the widest appeal?

When in search of a common denominator one doesn’t necessarily have to land on the lowest.


What are the greatest challenges facing ad creatives today? 

Clients here, as everywhere, increasingly need to see execution to discover the idea and believe in the impact.


Any advertising trends in Dubai’s that you dislike?

No. I dislike procrastination everywhere.


Do you find it professionally rewarding and personally interesting to be located in Dubai?

DUBAI is more than a city. It's an idea. A great idea. Being in Dubai is like being in Manhattan in 1690. I love it!


What made you pick Dubai?

The guy in my department that sings in Arabic every day.