Nour Yasmine's Life in Advertising
Posted on 2016 Jun,14

Nour Yasmine, Senior Media Planner, Clémentine walks us through the usual working day while highlighting the different steps that get her from start to finish.

8:30am: My typical day starts (well maybe a little lie might have slipped there). First thing I do is have my second cup of coffee and head to my office.

9:30am: After checking my inbox, which most of the times takes a few minutes, we head to the "tempete de cerveau" (brainstorming) room where we share our progress on the different accounts, prospects and campaigns.

10:00am: My official day starts: negotiating with the media suppliers on the various deals, promising them I won't call again. I then break that promise (most of them stopped getting their hopes up after all these years). I still manage to squeeze in a meeting or two with them everyday, you know, to check on the latest developments in the media scene, the weather forecast, traffic jams, etc… 
Having that info in hand, I start working on and submitting my plans to the clients. Yes, the clients. That's a realm of its own. Having to find the perfect combination between a really low budget and really high expectations can make your life pretty hard. Millions of amendments are made to every single plan, and believe it or not, I manage to find a way to make it work.

1ish pm: Lunch break, consists of a two-minute eating session while checking my social media accounts and calling a few friends in the remaining time.

2:00pm: Scan the magazines and dailies to see which advertisers are there, who they are paying, how much, etc.… Tools of the trade.

4:30pm: Start tidying up my desk (which I was planning on doing since 8:30), and preparing my to-do-list for the next day. I usually leave with a spring in my step.