Edouard Monin: 'it's the era of total understanding'
Posted on 2019 Oct,28  | By Ghada Azzi

Over the past years, in a globalized yet fragmented world guided by digitization and social media, the research industry has been witnessing major changes on multiple fronts, be it client needs, or the offerings companies have been presenting. The industry has been transformed by an immense surge in the volume of data, whereby now some of the data seems available at just the click of a button.

The past main concerns of companies were to collect and receive accurate and comprehensive data, while in our days, due to the impressive development of the technology and the huge availability of data from different sources, the worry is how to act fast in putting together and combining the data in a smart way and analyze it in an accurate manner leading to a step further into a decision making. This only happens when you are sure of your data and the depth of the analysis.

For Ipsos, the most innovative research company in 2019 by the GRIT Report, as data multiplies and becomes increasingly accessible, quality, reliability, analyzing and understanding the Consumer, the Market and the Society, become more important than ever, they are all interlinked and no longer exist in silos.

Ipsos has successfully benefited from the constant and rapid changes dominating the market, and thus took advantage of them to grow the company and delve into various offerings. The years 2018 and 2019 were years of transformation, during which Ipsos put in place its ‘Total Understanding’ project with the aim to increase growth in the coming years.

“Through ‘Total Understanding’ Ipsos in MENA and globally has been reorganized into a set of specialized services in addition to the Client Organization arm, which is home to senior experts working exclusively with clients to help them to take advantage of Ipsos’ various offerings,” explained Edouard Monin, Chairman and CEO of Ipsos in MENA.

Ipsos’ clients work through Data Driven Decision Processes, they would like to connect the data, analyze it to deeply understand the consumer and be able to predict or foresee their future behavior.

“In the future, clients will start asking about how they can build a framework and capital of trusted insights. And this is exactly what we seek to achieve through mastering all sources of information, all relevant technologies, integrating the data and producing and analyzing any information about society, markets and people,” elaborated Monin. “This is what ‘Total Understanding’ is all about,” he added.

Ipsos’ main aim is to provide a holistic experience and service to clients. It is not about offering one service anymore, but rather providing the client with information, data, helping them comprehend what each number means, and how to put each number into the right action. The company has an advisory role towards the client.

How this was achieved?

Ipsos has listed its 75 services and grouped them under 17 specialized Service Lines. The Service Lines combine their expertise to provide clients with the most effective answers to their questions by applying the principles of security, simplicity, speed and substance in everything that they do.

“To complement the Service Lines and internal regrouping, Ipsos has also acquired some breakthrough technologies, which are currently being used as part of the new structure,” explained Monin.

“In a nutshell, we are an improved version of our old self and we are proud to say it. We needed to have our eye on the prize and we did it. I can tell you, the results are promising, “ he added.

Monin also emphasized on the importance of keeping your company in check and constantly evolving in this rapidly changing world. He reiterated that it is not enough to catch up with the wave, but rather sometimes getting a head start is all that matters.

“Advising our clients to let them be sure of the action to be taken, to be faster, smarter and go further in pushing the boundaries, is what we really are doing now,” he concluded.

In an era of abundant data, what is needed is total understanding.