Rafic Tamba: ‘We like shaking things up’
Posted on 2019 Nov,01

VIP Films’ chief executive officer and executive producer, Rafic Tamba, discusses the production company’s fresh new identity

What distinguishes VIP Films from the competition?

We are experienced but fresh, productive but cost effective, serious but fun, and our answers are short but sweet.

How would you describe your culture?

Having gone through many eras in filmmaking and production evolution, we have learned that the best culture to embrace is that of gratitude for the magical aspect of what we are lucky to be doing. This magical aspect is essentially creating happiness for clients and viewers alike on all levels.

Why did you decide to change the company’s identity?

We like shaking things up.

Tell us about the new identity...

It’s just a fresh vibe we wanted to implement for a while and we got around to doing it finally. We always love to evolve in our film craft as in our relationships with our partners and clients. So this is just another chapter in our story.

What are some of the business challenges you are facing at the moment? Was the new identity a reaction to those challenges?

We believe creativity prospers under adversity always, so we thrive on challenges and we will continue to do so under this new identity, in a more colourful ambiance this time around.

How are you seeking to deal with the wider challenges of the production industry?

Adapt, evolve and have fun doing so.

A lot of your work seems to come from Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Is the wider region a focus? What is your strategy for Lebanon?

We are seasoned nomad producers. We love seeking challenges and following creative narratives wherever that might be. ‘The world is our canvas and we are ready to paint’.

What is your ultimate professional goal?

Helping brands and agencies to enjoy the ride that is production. Which makes us enjoy our work and personal life all the time.