‘Augmentality Shift’ report by Snap and Ipsos unlocks AR true potential and shifting perceptions in UAE, KSA
Posted on 2022 Oct,17

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Although everyone has been talking about Augmented Reality for a while, many decision-makers continue to undervalue its possibilities.

The recent "Augmentality Shift" study by IPSOS in partnership with Snap Inc. reveals its true potential. The report that studies the UAE and KSA markets highlights how the perception of AR is shifting, revealing that it is a need for everyday life.

For decision-makers, brands, creative leaders, and innovators, this means acknowledging the change, understanding AR technologies, and beginning to utilize them. The study's findings demonstrate what brands can do to address consumer expectations.


Here are some unique results from the study at a glance:

  • 94% of brands think AR is primarily for fun despite only 53% of KSA and 46% of UAE consumers viewing it this way
  • 2 in 3 consumers (67% KSA - 66% UAE) identify shopping as the main reason for using AR
  • Over 80% of participants in the MENA region are interested in using AR to interact with a product before buying it
  • Products with AR experiences lead to a 94% higher purchase conversion rate
  • 82% of brands claim that the number of returns made by consumers can be reduced with the help of AR
  • 84% of brands who use AR say it helps to drive sales, acquire new customers and drive performance metrics
  • Despite high interest from consumers, only 26% of brands in the region are providing AR learning experiences
  • Beyond shopping, brands can also enhance consumers' well-being, with 83% of Saudi and 79% of UAE participants showing interest in using AR to participate in fitness activities


Commenting on the latest Augmentality Shift research, Jake Thomas, Head of UAE market at Snap Inc. said: “The findings from our latest research present a unique opportunity for brands to expand their reach and tap into new audiences all while driving meaningful business results. An average of 80% of consumers in both Saudi Arabia and the UAE expect and want to use AR as a practical "tool" in their everyday lives. With the accelerating expectations of consumers, Snap’s AR capabilities continue to offer brands with endless possibilities to bridge this gap and drive meaningful business outcomes.”

Today, a growing number of people want to explore AR as it allows them to discover their surroundings, engage with others, and enhance their own lives. For brands, AR can aid in making brand's values more tangible for consumers, creating seamless experiences along the entire customer journey, from building awareness to long-term loyalty.