Global Marketers Express Confidence In Social Media
Posted on 2022 May,27

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Social Media channels continue to be the favourite weapon of choice for marketers worldwide. According to the numbers put forward by, 64% of global marketers are either extremely or very confident about the effectiveness of advertising on social media platforms. On the opposite spectrum, podcasts have the least level of trust from marketers.

Various social media platforms continue to be the top choice for marketers. According to a recent global survey by Nielsen, 64% of marketers are extremely or very confident in social media. The study respondents were asked about their trust in the effectiveness of advertising on various digital channels. The available responses to respondents were ‘extremely confident’, ‘very confident’, ‘moderately confident’, ‘slightly confident’, and ‘not confident at all’.

For Social Media, 28% of marketers feel ‘extremely confident’ in its effectiveness, and 36% are ‘very confident’. If we look at the cumulative share of “extremely confident” and “very confident”, then 64% of marketers back Social Media.

Social Media is followed by Search, Online/Mobile, and Video, all with a cumulative score of 58%. However, in the case of Search and Video, the share of ‘extremely confident’ is slightly higher than in the case of Online/Mobile. 

Only 51% of respondents expressed a firm trust in email marketing. Of the 51%, only 19% are extremely confident. 49% of marketers confidently backed TV – OTT/Connected as an option, whereas 47% answered the same for Native Advertising.

Audio Streaming and Podcasts inspire the least amount of confidence in digital marketers among various digital channels. 47% of marketers are either extremely or very confident in audio streaming. Podcasts are at the bottom, with only 44% of respondents strongly favouring the medium. Of all the digital channels, audio streaming and podcast also received the least share of votes on the ‘extremely confident’ option – 16%.

Vyom Chaudhary, an editor at, commented, “Despite the recent backlash against certain social media platforms, they continue to be the preferred medium for advertising for digital markets. Social media is not only the preferred method, but it outscores other methods significantly. Secondly, it’s also interesting to note that video content is preferred over audio streaming and podcasts by marketers.”