7 in 10 People in MENA Feel Threatened by COVID-19
Posted on 2020 Apr,07

Ipsos, has released the second wave of COVID-19 MENA Consumer Sentiment Tracker from March 27 to March 30, 2020; a report on understanding attitudes, behaviors and future expectations in KSA, UAE, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, and Lebanon. The tracker monitors a multitude of aspects in light of the Coronavirus outbreak, including, but not limited to concerns about the virus, expectations from authorities, changes in behaviors, and perceived impact.

With this week’s results, it is evident that more people are perceiving Coronavirus as a threat. More than half understand the threat of COVID-19 on them personally, however, significantly lower in Jordan (48%) and Lebanon (46%). But, compared to the previous week, perceived personal threat is seen rising across the region, most noticeably in Jordan and UAE where it increased by at least 7%.

When it comes to seriousness about this pandemic, the UAE and KSA are taking the Coronavirus threat most seriously with the contrary being true for Egypt and Jordan. Despite the fact that perceived seriousness is rising in most countries, it is substantially decreasing in Jordan from 50% to 38% this week.

On a country level, the majority agree that the virus poses a high threat, most significantly in Lebanon, whereby 88% believe that this is the case. The role of the media here comes in place. UAE followed by KSA are the least trusting of the media, while the remainder countries find it to be more accurate. The belief in media’s exaggeration has actually gone down since last week, specifically in UAE and Jordan.

Shifting to the professional and job stability, people in all 6 countries are concerned about the impact this would have on their jobs, with a noticeable increase in the UAE and Jordan.

As for life as we know it, the vast majority across the region expect things to return to normal by June, however, Lebanon is not as convinced.

Key Highlights

  1. Threat to Country and to Jobs Continue to Overshadow Threat to Self Across MENA

There continues to be high concern around threat to country and their jobs in light of COVID-19. Concerns towards their jobs are increasing in UAE and Jordan.

  1. The Media’s Description of the Gravity of the Situation is Increasingly Thought to Become Less Overestimated

MENA countries are generally becoming more believing of the media’s declarations on the Coronavirus outbreak.

  1. The Coronavirus Threat is Generally Being Taken More Seriously, Biggest Shifts in Attitudes in UAE

MENA sees the virus’s threat more seriously, however, in Jordan there has been a decline in how seriously people see those around them taking the threat.

  1. There is Still High Optimism in the Situation Normalizing by June

Other than Lebanon, the great majority carry on with their beliefs that things will revert back to normal by June.