A new independent group of agencies is born with global footprint including Dubai and Riyadh
Posted on 2024 Mar,04

The Plus Group, a new independent group of agencies, has been launched, uniting three award winning agencies - PRM, NaF (NEEDaFIXER), and SPANDY - along with the newest member, THEM AGAIN. This group is set to bring a transformative, holistic approach to brand storytelling. 

Headquartered in London and bolstered by regional offices in Dubai, Riyadh, New York, and Athens, The Plus Group boasts a global presence, with teams operating in over 100 countries.

Central to The Plus Group's ethos is the principle that collaboration yields better results. This belief is encapsulated in their synergy-driven formula: "PRM+NaF+SPANDY x THEM AGAIN = THE PLUS GROUP".  This unique combination promises a more integrated range of services than each agency could deliver independently. 

The Plus Group also adopts an ‘US+YOU’ approach, emphasising a partnership-driven dynamic with clients to achieve exceptional results. The group’s offerings include the development of marketing and communication strategies, the crafting of disruptive campaigns, and the production of high-quality films and branded content.

At the heart of The Plus Group's strategy is GEN+, a diverse and experienced team of over 3,000 professionals from more than 60 nationalities. GEN+ is a new generation of experts, driven by the "power of plus", that knows how to meld global insights with local expertise to effectively cater to a diverse range of markets.

Each agency within The Plus Group contributes its distinct expertise. PRM offers strategic communications and marketing skills, NaF (NEEDaFIXER) is known for producing award-winning films and engaging content narratives, SPANDY excels in providing talent, and THEM AGAIN brings a fresh wave of innovation and creativity.

The Plus Group says being eager to form partnerships with brands seeking innovative storytelling methods through their extensive array of services and a broad global perspective.

"The launch of The Plus Group signifies our commitment to redefining brand storytelling," says Sofia Panayiotaki, GROUP CEO of The Plus Group.

"Combining the unique strengths of our agencies allows us to provide a comprehensive range of services under one roof. We are proud to have united a global team capable of such comprehensive offerings and are excited about the future work we will create as GEN+, driven by the power of plus".