Admitad new agencies' training and certification program to serve as a hallmark of expertise
Posted on 2024 Jun,10  | By ArabAd's staff

In 2024, the number of advertising agencies working worldwide exceeded 433.000 and continues to grow. Simultaneously, conservative estimates, affiliate marketing spend reached $14.4 billion in 2023 and will exceed $15.7 billion this year.

Amid fierce competition and growing client demand for performance marketing, agencies need a distinguishing factor that will give them an edge.

Certification from industry leaders could be that crucial advantage.

One of the largest affiliate networks in the world, Admitad, has announced the launch of a training and certification program for agencies.

This initiative is set to revolutionize the landscape of partner marketing in the MENA region, providing agencies with a comprehensive platform to upskill their teams and unlock a world of business and marketing opportunities.

This move is expected to significantly contribute to the rapid growth of the affiliate marketing market and ease the transition to a new advertising paradigm for agencies.

Admitad estimates that the number of brands and online stores using affiliate marketing as one of the main sources of sales and new customers has grown by more than 15% on average worldwide.

But it's difficult for advertising agencies to adapt to the new market realities - often their teams simply lack expertise. That's why Admitad included an extensive training course in the certification program.

Agency managers will learn how to launch, expand, and amplify affiliate programs for their clients, understand the nuances of the affiliate marketing industry, discover new business models and monetization options for agencies and the most relevant marketing activities.

Admitad affiliate network is a repeated winner of profile awards. More than 100,000 publishers generate over 100 million sales and leads for 2,000 advertisers annually, which has earned it a top ranking in the performance marketing industry. Admitad is trusted by major global and local brands such as AliExpress, Shein, Sharaf DG, Life Pharmacy, Ounass, Acer and many others. So it is only natural that this accreditation serves as a hallmark of expertise, setting certified individuals apart from their peers and positioning them as leaders in the field.

“An agency of any size and from any advertising industry, including digital marketing, media buying, PR, influencer, or creative endeavors, can be accredited. In the first year of the certification program, Admitad aims to certify from 40 to 50 local agencies - this opportunity is open to everyone, but limited to the most engaged,”said Anna Gidirim, CEO of Admitad.

As the affiliate marketing industry is undergoing explosive growth, the rules of the game are changing rapidly. To ensure that certified partners remain at the forefront of industry trends, individuals are required to renew their certification annually.