Al Habtoor Group plans to enter the NFT space
Posted on 2022 Jan,20

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One of the region’s most respected conglomerates, Al Habtoor Group, has announced its plans to enter the NFT space. Led by Habtoor Mohammed Al Habtoor, the project will start with a launch of an exclusive NFT Collection in Q1 of 2022.

Titled Last Hopium, the collection will feature 10,000 unique avatars designed by Noxx, an acclaimed artist, with experience in creating statuesque avatars for games, and NFTs. Reflecting the collection’s name, the digital assets will showcase 3D renderings of unique characters - each one will be a 1/1 edition, making them truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

In addition to unique artwork, Al Habtoor Group will be a pioneer in the space, as NFT holders will have exclusive access to real-world benefits, amenities, and opportunities. The multinational conglomerate will leverage the Group’s hospitality division that includes 14 world-class hotels; seven locally and seven abroad. Last Hopium’s community will be able to acquire unmatchable offers and experiences across the world.

"We have created a unique model and a first-ever seen for the hospitality sector, where the NFT holders can generate their own experience and either indulge in it or make profit out of it," said Habtoor Mohammed Al Habtoor.

Currently, the NFT industry is saturated with digital art. While the industry is at an all-time boom, Al Habtoor Group will be one of the first major organizations to utilize NFT and blockchain technology to sell digital art, as assets that allow for real-world applications and opportunities.

The group has partnered with Luna PR, an award-winning PR & Marketing agency that specializes in crypto, blockchain, and emerging tech.

Based out of Dubai, the agency has been in the space for five years and has worked with over 400 clients. Luna PR will be working closely with the team at Al Habtoor Group to ensure that the NFT Collection is highlighted across traditional and crypto media, with a specific focus on growing Last Hopium’s community.