, the latest addition to Triangle’s portfolio
Posted on 2021 Nov,15

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Regional digital creative agency, Triangle Mena has been chosen to host, design and develop the website of Al Kameen (The Ambush), GCC’s largest Arabic-language feature film production ever.

Energized by life’s highest virtues: courage, loyalty and brotherhood, and aiming to honor and witness the bravery of a small group of Emirati soldiers, the website provides an experience like no other. 

As soon as users land on the website, they feel transported to the battlefield, fighting alongside UAE’s small group of heroes. is the result of countless hours of design and development, passion and dedication, explains the team at Triangle MENA. “Driven by our conviction and allegiance to the UAE’s noble values and to these soldiers’ bravery, our team has gone above and beyond to deliver users with an authentic and soul vibrating experience, within a challenging and quite short period of time.”

The hard work was also elegantly recognized by Mahmoud Kahlil, Head of Digital and Multimedia at Image Nation Abu Dhabi, who said: “I would also like to take a moment and show my appreciation for the skilled and fine work of Triangle Mena and its talented team, who were able once again to rise up to the challenge in a record time. The result of their dedication and hard work was clearly reflected on The website brings an outstanding user experience through an authentic and lively look & feel that makes one really experience heroism”.


About Al Kameen

Al Kameen (The Ambush) pays tribute to a small group of Emirati soldiers who were attacked by rebels in a hostile territory, and were able to overcome inconceivable circumstances thanks to their unbreakable bond of brotherhood, courage and heroism. 

This cinematic work of art was directed by acclaimed French filmmaker Pierre Morel (Taken, District B13), who said: “Al Kameen tells the incredible story of a small group of soldiers demonstrating courage, heroism and brotherhood in unimaginable circumstances. Working with a fantastic cast and crew in the stunning natural landscapes of the UAE, we have created a truly compelling story that is true, both visually and culturally, to its real-life inspiration.”

Co-produced by AGC International, the international sales arm of fast-growing content studio AGC Studios, and Image Nation Abu Dhabi, the movie involved more than 400 cast and crew members.

This marvelous cinematic achievement will be released in movie theaters across the UAE and selected regions on November 25.