Amal Glass launches Version 2 of Smart glasses for blind and visually impaired people
Posted on 2021 Sep,28

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Amal Glass, a Dubai-based company has launched Version 2 of the unique features Smart glasses for the blind and visually impaired people. It utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable the users to become self-dependent and eliminates the need for multiple devices or guide dogs and human assistance.

Amal Glass Version 2 is completely new and has unique features. It supports Arabic and English languages with plans for adding Spanish, French and Hindi. The Mobile Application running on the Android system makes it affordable and updatable.

It reads the texts of books, magazines, computer screens, cell phone screens, signboards and ATMs. Visually impaired people can go on shopping alone at any time and confidently pay the cash and get back the correct amount, it can recognize over 100 banknotes from across the world.

The company has started Amal Glass V2 production on a pilot basis. Mohammed Islam, The company’s Head of Development said: “The response it has generated has been tremendous in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait, Turkey, India and the UK. It got amazing customer feedback and received inquiries from the US, Korea, Argentina and Brazil.”

It also allows the users to identify the surrounding objects like cars, street signs and furniture. The users can seek help from family members or friends by sending SMS with their current location to pre-registered three contacts. It offers to download over 15 additional applications from Amal Glass Application Store. The first Specified Application store for blind and visually impaired people enables the user to download new applications or install future updates. Amal Glass can reads more than 100 languages and translates them to Arabic or English.

The glass allows recording notes and playing voice notes like shopping lists and things to do.   It eliminated the need for braille watches or talking watches – it can tell the exact time, date and day along with the stopwatch feature. It has a flashlight and guides about Qibla direction.

The start-up has won several awards beginning in 2014 the First Place At AINC Abu Dhabi Competition. In 2019, it was selected By the World Economic Forum (WEF) as one of the top 100 start-ups that will lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Middle East. In the same year won the first place in UAE at entrepreneurship world cup and  Nominated among top 40 over 100,000 Startups from all over the world.

Amal Glass Research and Development started in 2010 by The Egyptian inventor: Mohammed Islam. After five years of hard work and perseverance Amal Glass came to life.

In 2016, Saudi investor, Al Bidnah Family, funded the project for commercial production and marketing. Two years later, another Saudi investor, Al Hozimi Family, joined Amal Glass for funding the production and continuing the research and development.