Arabian Publishing Media and Beautiful Minds Media GmbH launch Madame Magazine Arabia
Posted on 2023 Nov,06

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Arabian Publishing Media, the media company behind renowned publications like Villa 88 and UAEinsider, announces its licensing partnership with Beautiful Minds Media GmbH to bring the iconic MADAME brand to the Middle East.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone, combining the legacy of MADAME, a luxury lifestyle brand founded in 1952, with Arabian Publishing Media’s expertise in creating content that resonates with the GCC market.

MADAME Magazine has found a new home in the heart of the Middle East. Under the umbrella of MAISON MADAME, the brand boasts a rich heritage, spanning print, digital, social media, events, and e-commerce. 

Asma Al Fahim, CEO of Arabian Publishing Media, expresses her enthusiasm about this partnership: "Since the establishment of Arabian Publishing Media, our mission has always been to create content that resonates with the GCC market. This partnership with MADAME Magazine is a significant step towards expanding our reach and providing our discerning audience with unparalleled luxury lifestyle content."

Petra Winter, Shareholder of Beautiful Minds Media and Editorial Director of MADAME, values the opportunity to speak to the luxury clientele of the GCC market: “In 72 years MADAME build a strong fanbase of sophisticated women in German speaking territories. We focus on great storytelling and high-end aesthetics for a community of luxury lovers. Now we are thrilled to enter the GCC market with all the fresh opportunities that this striving area offers and that so many Europeans love for their visionary lifestyle and welcoming attitude. Asma and I will be the best team you can have to connect your brands to our readers and to merge Europeanness with Arabian culture.”

This collaboration between Arabian Publishing Media and Beautiful Minds Media GmbH signifies a union of creativity, passion, and unwavering dedication to delivering high-quality content. Together, they are ready “to redefine the luxury media landscape in the Middle East, bringing readers an exquisite blend of elegance, style, and culture.”