BPG launches its virtual headquarters, the BPGverse
Posted on 2022 Oct,12  | By ArabAd's staff

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BPG agency in the MENA region (part of the WPP Network) has launched its virtual headquarters, the BPGverse, a digital reality space for interactions and engagement between agency teams, clients and brands.

The BPGverse is said to offer exciting possibilities for brands and clients who get to experience and explore a 360-degree, immersive approach to comms solutions, just as they would in the real world-- from launch events and monthly scrums to immersive, richly experiential events that can be attended by anyone from anywhere in the world.

It reflects the region’s growing clout as a metaverse economy and a global hub for the metaverse community, supported by regional developments such as the Dubai Metaverse Strategy, which aims to attract more than 1,000 companies in the fields of blockchain and metaverse and support more than 40,000 virtual jobs by 2030.

So it is no surprise to see agencies and brands flocking to the metaverse. Some of the world’s leading agencies have already planted their flags in the metaverse by launching their own in-house activations. Havas Group inaugurated in February 2022 its first virtual Village (The 69th Havas Village) in The Sandbox video game.

Mediahub was one of the first to create an office in Decentraland, the metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Other top agencies, like TBWA’s NEXT, WPP’s Metaverse Foundry, have started providing a unified full-service approach to leveraging the metaverse as a tool to elevate brand presence as well as drive revenue. The Wunderman Thompson metaverse was also launched both to educate its clients about the potential of these new virtual environments and to create a sandbox for them to experiment with the latest web3 innovations.

Of course it is still too early to assess the results of agencies web3 offerings to clients and how these clients are fairing with their new virtual adventures.

Created and conceptualised in-house, BPGverse was launched during BPG’s annual offsite at the JA Beach Hotel, Dubai.

The 2022 offsite also featured the award-winning creative director, author, design and agency veteran Michael Janda as a keynote speaker. Janda spoke to nearly 150 BPG team members from across the UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Indonesia, India and Lebanon on the power of a digital-first strategy. Team BPG dived into an intense weekend packed with fun activities, informative workshops and much hilarity, ensuring an enjoyable, memorable and stimulating 27th edition of the annual tradition. 

Avi Bhojani, Group CEO, BPG, said: “The BPGverse is redefining creativity, engagement and innovation. The digital landscape, as we know it, has evolved to mirror the real world: with cities, homes, offices and much more, beyond just websites, apps and platforms. This year’s theme ‘Digital First’ reflects the reality of our industry and the challenge for our business. BPG has never shied away from change, and it’s more vital than ever that we raise the bar and transform our thinking, services and operations to thrive in a digital world.” 

Avi added: “After a hiatus due to the pandemic, this year’s offsite marked a return to one of BPG’s most cherished traditions. As BPG continues to evolve, this was an opportunity to reconnect with our regional teams and align on our goals and ambitions. It’s an exciting time as we get ready to explore uncharted (even virtual) territory and think ‘digital first’ in everything we do.”  

The power of creativity was a running theme at the offsite. Avi’s fireside chat with BPG board members – Dominic Grainger, Global CEO, WPP Specialist Communications, and Toby Hoare, Global Client Lead, WPP Unilever team – along with WPP Global Chief Creative Officer Rob Reilly, also touched upon the power of creative transformation, and showcased WPP’s award-winning work across diverse sectors and geographies.

Other highlights of the BPG offsite included a workshop on ‘Control the Creative Process’ by Michael Janda and a workshop on ‘The Case for Creativity’ by Ramy El Sakka, SVP and Chief Creative Officer, BPG Dubai, and Aaron Arthur, SVP – Creative, BPG Kuwait. BPG teams also participated in a pitch competition for a digital bank, which was won by a team comprising some of the youngest team members.

Souheil Arabi, President, BPG Kuwait, commented: “One of the highlights of the offsite was seeing the achievements of our youngest team members. BPG’s WhatNext internship program for fresh graduates identifies and nurtures young talent, giving them opportunities such as the pitch competition to shine. As digital natives, technology is embedded in how they live, work, connect and play, giving them a unique perspective that’s invaluable to brands. Their energy, commitment and inventiveness are inspiring; they truly are the future of the regional MarComms industry.”