Connecting creators with enterprises through Eyedias, a new co-creation platform launched in Egypt
Posted on 2023 Oct,02  | By ArabAd's staff

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Eyedias, an early-stage startup on a mission to connect individual creatives with numerous market opportunities, has just launched in Egypt.

Through Eyedias digital platform, creatives can showcase their talents and ideas to decision-makers from enterprises. This is achieved by offering creators the chance to participate in contests hosted by Eyedias' partners on the platform, where they can submit their creative ideas and solutions for a chance to win valuable cash prizes.

The co-creation platform enables individuals or groups to collaborate, share ideas, and collectively contribute to the creation or development of a product, service, project, or solution. It is designed to bring together a community of participants who work to generate ideas, solve problems, or innovate in a collaborative and open manner. Essentially, it fosters a collective effort to create value through shared input and contributions from a diverse group of people.

Eyedias is giving the opportunity to every creative, whether they're a graphic designer, copywriter, marketer, entrepreneur, art director, product designer, etc. to join the platform and access real clients’ briefs and generate work for enterprises with a chance to win cash prizes in return. So they can practice their skills, network with other creatives, build a portfolio from the work they do, get featured and recognized by the leaderboard system, and most importantly, get paid in return should they win any of those contests.

“One of the edges that we have is that every creator on the platform will have a creative score, which rises based on their activities on the platform. Each activity has a different score, so the more they keep participating and winning the more their creative score raises and rank themselves on our leaderboard,” explains Ahmed Abd El-Moneim, Founder and CEO of Eyedias.

He adds, “To ensure our creators stay informed about industry developments, we've curated the Creative Corner just for them. It is s dynamic and inspiring blog that delves into various topics within the creative industry. We share a wide range of content in different formats to keep them engaged and informed aiming to foster creativity and provide valuable insights for our passionate creators.”

Ahmed Abd El-Moneim and his partner, Omar El-Sebaey, Co-Founder and CTO firmly believe in the power of crowd intelligence, and how such a collective of creatives can unlock the potential of enterprises by leveraging their wisdom to find creative solutions and provide fresh innovative ideas. “And this is not limited to corporates,” says Ahmed. “Governmental institutions, initiatives, and NGOs can have a valuable opportunity to engage citizens in solving problems, driving innovation, and enhancing transparency that will impact our planet.”

Ahmed Abd El-Moneim is a multidisciplinary and award-winning creative with experience in marketing and advertising gained from both client and agency perspectives. Recognized by top entities in the creative field such as D&AD, The One Club for Creativity, The Loeries, and Creative LIAisons by London International awards. 

Omar El-Sebaey is a seasoned software developer specialized in FinTech, and an experienced educator at institutions such as Zewail University and Udacity. Having graduated among the top from Cairo University's Faculty of Engineering, he combines a rigorous educational background with expertise in Python, Django, and AWS. He is committed to mentoring students, and helping them accelerate their careers.