Digital agency Socialize celebrates 10th anniversary with meme billboard
Posted on 2020 Sep,30

In July 2020, more than half of the world was using social media. The pace of growth has tremendously accelerated in recent months, with social media channels allowing us to stay social and connected during a time when the world was forced to be distant and homebound.

As a sort of love letter towards everything social has achieved, Dubai-based digital agency Socialize have chosen to celebrate their 10th birthday by creating their first ever offline ad: a large billboard on Sheikh Zayed Road  in Dubai with a message that simply reads: ‘Keep smiling if memes got you through lockdown’; a message paired with the face of Harold himself, better known as the popular meme star ‘Hide the Pain Harold.’

From the golden era of Tiger King memes to the endless TikTok trends that are flooding our feeds, this time of distancing has inspired individuals and communities alike to connect in new and amazing ways. How better to prove the power of social than to give the UAE one more meme to brighten up someone's day, was the thought that drove the creative team at Socialize to come up with this message, uplifting but also relevant to the agency core business.

"In many ways, social distancing has brought us closer together. No one was prepared for this pandemic, but with the help of zoom calls, meme-sharing, TikTok trends and more, we were able to persevere and stay connected as a society. Socialize was born in the midst of the last economic crisis and now, a decade later, we're humbled with a reminder of why we began in the first place; to connect people and brands in meaningful ways, when it's needed the most,' says Akanksha Goel, Managing Director and Founder of Socialize.