Freelancing platform, Gooby, has announced its seed round for investment
Posted on 2022 May,19

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Gooby, a new and innovative platform that aims to facilitate the work of individuals, businesses, and freelancers, has announced the launch of its seed round of investment. The platform was developed to streamline the process by which work is done. It paves the way for individuals and businesses to seek services from a plethora of choices, and for freelancers to capitalize on their talent.

Gooby is built to be a no-nonsense platform for freelancers, SME’s and individuals. The platform features an intuitive search engine that allows buyers to search for gigs posted by freelancers or advertise their requirements through job posts. Once the buyer has submitted their job post, freelancers submit proposals, giving the buyer a list of various offers to choose from. Otherwise, once they buyer has entered the keywords of what they are looking for, the system will generate a list of results and allows them to filter down based on their preferences.

With the platform’s search engine’s ease of use and robust filtering options, buyers are able to quickly find freelancers who can do the work that they need, or help freelancers find new business opportunities more effectively. 

One of the platform’s key features and focuses is allowing users to hire freelancers for both online and onsite services, thus tapping into the real-world freelancing market along with the digital.

Within its stated company goals, Gooby aims to make freelancing a viable career choice for all by easing the burden of outsourcing for clients and allowing freelancers to tap into the gig market efficiently. Gooby has already secured a competitive and rigorous product development fund upwards of $400,000 provided by the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) and is looking to raise additional funds to continue improving its platform and facilitate its expansion.

With the new funding, they hope to expand their team and continue building a platform that empowers freelancers by providing them with on-demand and career elevating opportunities. They are inviting investors to join in on this opportunity by investing in Gooby’s seed round, “We hope you’ll consider joining us on this journey as we continue to grow Gooby into a leading platform for connecting businesses with quality talent,” said Raghad Akram, Co-Founder and CEO of Gooby.

The platform has been developed for usage as a website, as well as standalone Gooby for Freelancers and Gooby for Clients applications available on the App Store and Google Play with the same name.