German MICE Achievement Award goes to VOK DAMS
Posted on 2022 Sep,07

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This year, the honorary award of the German MICE industry, “the MICE Achievement Award, for outstanding achievements, life work or social commitment” goes to the owners and executives of the family-owned event and live marketing agency VOK DAMS.

“In every industry there are people whose work has influenced the quality standards beyond their own company. This also applies to personalities who have made outstanding contributions to the event industry,” the Association of Event Organizers (VDVO) stated.

Three senior executives of International live marketing agency VOK DAMS received the Mice Achievement Award: company founder Vok Dams, CEO Colja Dams and Corporate VP Claudia Köhler.

The coveted prize honors personalities from the event industry for their exceptional life work.

The award was presented as part of the "Building Bridges" congress of the Association of Event Organizers (VDVO) in Leipzig, Germany.

In recent years, the VDVO has honored extraordinary individuals from congress, destination management, conferencing, exhibition, incentive and event venue sectors. This year, the prize was awarded to an agency for the first time ever.

At the congress, the topics of sustainability, entrepreneurship, digitization and innovation were the focus of the lectures and sessions.

"Therefore, the decision in favor of the award winners Vok and Colja Dams as well as Claudia Köhler is not only a decision for an extremely successful agency, but also a vote for a unique entrepreneurship with regard to these topics," says the VDVO statement.

VDVO also said: "VOK DAMS stands for sustainability and business acumen: as early as 1975, the agency VOK DAMS entered the commercial register of the city of Wuppertal as "Gesellschaft für Kommunikation mbH". 50 years of agency continuity and growth in a constantly changing market are strong testimony to sustainable thinking and forward-looking entrepreneurship.”

The successful transition of the company from Vok Dams to Colja Dams and Claudia Köhler is further evidence of this. Even more: Colja Dams and Claudia Köhler not only successfully kept the agency in pole position as world market leader during the pandemic, but also provided decisive and innovative impulses to ensure the company’s future viability.

VOK DAMS has always been at the forefront of innovation. Today, the focus of innovation is significantly digital. Contemporary live marketing specialties such as hybrid events and metaverse events were launched from Wuppertal, proving that the VOK DAMS is as much at the cusp of live marketing as it was 50 years ago.