Havas Middle East publishes its first regional Prosumer Report 'Generation Covid'
Posted on 2022 Sep,22

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Havas Middle East has published Generation Covid, its first regional edition of the periodic Prosumer Report, a series of thought leadership publications part of a Havas initiative to share information and insights.

Built on in-depth qualitative and quantitative data, including information captured by the agency’s own proprietary research tools, the report leverages market intelligence to better understand post-pandemic and behaviors of “Prosumers”- today’s leading influencers and market drivers who shape brands’ choices and consumption trends.
‘Generation Covid’ details a regional perspective on how businesses can adjust to the changing customer expectations while preserving credibility, a key topic to address in this new, hopeful era. It decodes findings from a focus group mapping more than 1000 forward-thinking, proactive people in the UAE and KSA, 68% of which are aged 18 to 35.

According to the report, the youth are looking to build better lives for themselves and for the generations to come, with this higher purpose sentiment guiding them on every part of their consumer journey.   

“The Havas Prosumer Report is one of the longest-running, industry thought leadership properties and has become instrumental in allowing us to build meaningful brands. By exploring the regional insights presented in the report, we utilize this proprietary tool to enable our clients and the industry to predict today what tomorrow will look like,” says Dany Naaman, CEO, Havas Middle East.

“Covid-19 has robbed young people of vital opportunities to socialize, experiment, and grow. And that is having an impact that promises to endure. The coming years will be defined by the need to adjust to the changing expectations and behaviors of Gen Z. In our first regional Prosumer Report we look at where the new generation is headed and how their post-pandemic outlook is already impacting culture and business in our region,” says Alejandro Fischer, SVP-Strategy and Product Innovation, Havas Middle East.


Highlights of the report:

  • Change: Activism, liberation and identity emergeas the key areas of transformation in 2022.
  • Activism: Tired of uncertainty, this generation wants change and wants it now.
    o 65% of UAE and KSA Prosumers state they’re personally engaged in some form of
    activism for gender equality-vs. 46% global Prosumers.
  • Liberation: Skeptical of the rules established by the boomers, the youth want to liberate itself from outdated systems.
    o 83% of UAE and KSA Prosumers state they’re personally ready to live a more minimalist lifestyle to solve the world’s problems.
  • Identity: Youth want to build a new world that suits their aspirations and moral compass.
    o 65% UAE and 71% KSA Prosumers find it harder to be 20 years old today than it was 20 years ago.                                                                            


The Generation Covid Prosumer Report makes it evidently clear that brands should act fast to connect with youth in the post-pandemic era, and lists four actions that marketeers can implement towards that.