How Brazil is positioning itself as haven for digital nomads
Posted on 2022 Nov,14

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Brazil is granting visas and temporary residence permits for immigrants without an employment relationship in Latin America’s largest country and whose professional activity can be carried out remotely. These workers, known as digital nomads, are flocking to destinations that offer the ideal blend of conditions for their productivity and peace of mind – and Brazil is striving to deliver this.

For a period of up to one year and extendable for an additional year, digital nomads can enter Brazil as a visitor (tourist) for up to 90 days and must meet the criteria acceptable to their migratory condition based on their nationality.

This way of life has grown in popularity, particularly during the pandemic, and many professionals have embraced the concept of working while travelling between cities or countries.

Programmers, video editors, content producers, teachers, photographers, translators, illustrators, designers, investors, and other professionals all have the potential to work as digital nomads. Many people have made freedom their way of life. Rather than waiting for the perfect moment to plan a trip, life on the move and discovering new places are the norm today.

The three top destinations in Brazil--João Pessoa, São Paulo, and Florianópolis-- for digital nomads offer remote workers their own unique selling points as destinations balancing productivity, affordability, and dream lifestyles.

According to a survey published in February 2022 by the digital magazine Start Se, João Pessoa, the capital of the state of Paraiba, is at the top of the list of the best-prepared cities in Brazil for digital nomads to work in. Three factors contributed to João Pessoa’s ranking: internet connection speed, cost of living, and nearby attractions.