Ipsos Launches OOH Media Measurement in MENA
Posted on 2020 Dec,15

Ipsos, the renowned research company in the Middle East and North Africa, has launched its Out of Home (OOH) media measurement service in the region, introducing the latest methodology and technology, as the company recognizes the importance of OOH and the increase of digital Out of Home panels has necessitated a new focus on accurate, time-based measurement.

Banking on the company’s international expertise in measuring this type of media in major advanced markets across the globe, Ipsos will be using the same methodology to provide the most accurate results.

The exact method generally consists of five main components:

  1. An inventory management system, where details of each frame to be measured are stored.
  2. A Traffic Intensity Model which captures details of traffic and pedestrian flows from a range of sources.
  3. A Travel Habits Survey, where the journeys people make outside their homes are tracked in detail.
  4. A Visibility Adjustment, where the relative impact of different types of poster can be assessed and integrated into the measurement results.
  5. An Inventory Delivery System 


The main objective of the measurement is to provide media and advertisers with a holistic overview of how OOH Advertising Assets Locations are performing in terms of traffic, visibility, impacts, interactions, and positioning.

In addition to Ipsos’ Media Measurement Services, the OOH Measurement will be offered in multiple markets in 2021, starting with UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, and Morocco and will then be rolled out to other countries.

“OOH media is now the talk of the town, and advertisers have been spending a lot of money on this important media, without having a proper measurement. Levering on our global experience, we decided to prioritize the measurement of OOH in this region, based on the positive feedback that we have received from major stakeholders,” explained Elie Aoun, Media CEO at Ipsos in MENA.