London International Awards appoints Terry Savage as its Chairperson
Posted on 2021 Oct,13

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London International Awards (LIA) announces the appointment of Terry Savage as its new Chairperson. Terry is the founder of Savages Unlimited, a consultancy as well as the Global Chairperson of The Marketing Academy, the much revered, not-for-profit leadership development program that develops marketing skills within the Marketing and Communications industry and operates in the UK, USA and Australia. He comes with over 33 years’ experience in awards and events and was previously the Chairman of Cannes Lions. Terry will step into his role as LIA Chairperson, effective immediately.

This appointment underpins LIA’s commitment to the development of greater creativity in the industry. In his new role, Terry will foster new relationships and carve out new avenues, making LIA even more relevant to the industry. Terry has always been passionate about creativity and has spoken openly about his vision of adding value through new developments and innovations. Globally, he is known as a champion of creativity in all forms. 

Terry Savage said, “I have long admired what LIA has been doing, with its focus on creativity and developing Young Creatives in a complex environment.  I see in LIA an organization focused on both the pure power of creativity on one hand and the development of Young People in the creative space on the other. This is a true testament to Barbara Levy, the Founder and President’s vision and to her commitment to improving creative output. It is both compelling and exciting to work with them at a time when the landscape is changing so much. Having said that, change or not, the base premise that creativity is the differentiator has and will not change.  My role is to give advice and guide when appropriate to ensure we remain true to the brand and brand values.” 

Barbara Levy, President of LIA, echoed similar sentiments, “We are extremely pleased that Terry has come on board. Today, the creative industry encompasses agencies, brands, collectives, production and other sectors. To reflect these developments, we want to make LIA even more pertinent by continuing to listen to the industry and implement the required changes. If we can do that, I’m confident we can grow LIA and take it in the right direction to meet the constantly changing industry needs. We are the show that’s created for creatives, so pushing creative boundaries and nurturing young creatives is in our brand DNA. As Terry has a wonderful perspective on the overall creative industry and is driven by creativity, he can bring so much to the table in terms of future-proofing the creative industry.