Snap Inc. launches Creator Hub
Posted on 2021 Oct,17

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Snap Inc. has launched the new Snapchat Creator Hub, an online resource to support its creator community and help them to make the most of the Snap Camera. Whether you’re an aspiring or professional creator, the Creator Hub is a go-to destination providing tips, tricks, and information in both English and Arabic on how to leverage Snap’s various tools and platforms.

The Creator Hub features video tutorials from both Snap Stars and everyday creators, guiding individuals through how they can get started with Snapchat and better utilize tools within the Snapchat app, the Snap Camera. It also features tips on how to find success on Spotlight, Snapchat’s newest entertainment platform for user-generated content.

In addition to the Creator Hub, Snap has also introduced Gifting and the Creator Marketplace in MENA, providing creators with more opportunities to build their business on Snapchat. Gifting is a feature that allows the Snapchat community to support their favorite Snap Stars through Story Replies. When a subscriber sees a Snap they like from their favorite Snap Stars’ Public Stories, they can use Snap Tokens to send a Gift and kickstart a conversation. Snap Stars earn a share of the revenue from Gifts received through Story Replies.

Creator Marketplace is a feature that enables businesses to connect with Lens Creators, Lens Developers, Lens Partners and now Snap Stars globally to help elevate their marketing presence on the platform.

Tony Ghazal, Talent Partnerships Manager - MENA at Snap Inc., said: “For the last decade, Snap has pioneered the innovation behind AR. In that process, we deeply value our partners and creators, and are grateful for all the exciting new experiences they bring to the Snapchat community. It is a community that is among the world's most expressive and inventive storytellers, especially on mobile. Our aim is to provide creators with the best tools to share their stories, to improve their skills, and to connect with their audiences in a meaningful way.”