Mindmovers, the first ever “Edutainment” platform launches in the MENA region
Posted on 2023 Mar,09

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For the first time in the MENA region, a platform offers a selection of exclusive courses taught by celebrities.

Dubbed 'Mindmovers' the new edutainment app represents the next generation education model by providing premium content and personalized experiences from the greatest minds in the form of stars-taught exclusive online courses.

The new streaming platform is offering hours of exclusive instructional insights and giving all generations access to the inspirational power of learning from renowned entertainment/media figures, experts in their field. Among them, names like:

-  Chairman of Al Arabiya’s Editorial board, world leaders’ interviewer and international influential journalist, Abdelrahman Al Rashed sharing his life-long knowledge and career wisdom in Media & Journalism, 

-  Oscar-nominated and awards winner filmmaker, Nadine Labaki teaching the art of Filmmaking, and taking the audience behind the screen, 

-  Highly talented storyteller and the most prolific screenwriter in the region, Tamer Habib sharing lessons from his extensive work, hits, and releases. 

-  Elite Model and 10M+ followers social media expert, Nour Arida teaching a course on Social Media Management and expanding on her collaborations with big luxury brands.

Mindmovers is said to have experienced an unprecedented surge in active subscribers since its launch. Ambitious career-oriented people, lifelong learners and inquiring minds are getting a hit of encouragement and a broadened perspective to various industries and areas of expertise, including Art & Entertainment, Business & Leadership, Design, Music, Food, Science and Technology, Sports & Gaming, and Writing. The platform will soon reveal additional classes, featuring highly requested renowned and accomplished names from the region and beyond. 

The streaming platform promises to facilitate the accessibility of knowledge to as many people as possible. With an annual or a monthly subscription, or a lifetime course acquirement, subscribers get unparalleled access to renowned game changers providing a human-centered approach to practical tools and core skills, inspiring success stories explaining how they made it and how they overcame the obstacles they faced, unraveling their business models across a wide variety of fields.

Tarek Jundi, Founder and CEO of mindmovers, upholder of a modern educational system that focuses on teaching generations critical thinking, problem solving, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills as the core driving force for success and for boosting creativity, says: “At the heart of our approach is a commitment to empowering the next generation of learners. The future of online education lies in the potential of storytelling to inspire, engage, and motivate future generations by incorporating narrative elements and personal experiences from successful icons into the educational content. At the same time, we recognize the importance of community and giving back, which is why we have developed a platform that enables learners to collaborate and support each other's growth.
Our aim is to create a learning environment that not only imparts knowledge and skills, but also instills a sense of confidence, resilience, and self-belief. We believe that by providing our community with the right tools and mindset, we can fuel their growth and help them unleash their greatness.”

Each course features about 20 top-notches cinematically produced video sessions, at an average of 10-15 minutes per session featuring case studies and workshops with iconic instructors breaking down their expertise in an entertaining and lucid way. Each course gives prominence to an expertly crafted class guide that can be downloaded to support the educational journey from beginning to end.

All the courses can be streamed on mobile and tablet, available for both iOS and Android users, on desktop, and soon on Smart TV. Mindmovers intuitive app also offers a podcast-style learning facility, giving commuters the option to listen to just the audio of the sessions.