Nissan’s 'Be Unbound' campaign invites people to follow their true passions by applying for the dream job sabbatical
Posted on 2024 May,27

In a bold and unprecedented move, Arabian Automobiles Company (AAC) has announced the launch of the “Nissan Pathfinder 2024 Be Unbound” campaign— an innovative initiative dvelopedd by the team at TBWA\RAAD - one that aims to redefine conventional success and inspire individuals to pursue their true passions by offering a unique opportunity: a full month of compensated sabbatical through the "Pathfinder Sabbaticals."

Life’s milestones such as climbing the career ladder, buying a home, and starting a family are undoubtedly significant. However, they often bind us to the same routines, limiting our potential to explore greater passions and uncharted paths. 

AAC’s “Nissan Pathfinder 2024 Be Unbound” campaign seeks to challenge these traditional markers of success that constrain individuals, inspiring a sense of freedom, confidence, and the ability to defy the ordinary.

As the automotive industry increasingly embraces a tech-dominated future with self-driven cars, AAC’s campaign distinguishes itself by focusing on empowering people, not just through technology, but by inviting them to redefine success on their own terms. While competitors emphasize autonomous features, the “Be Unbound” campaign celebrates the human element, encouraging individuals to live authentically and pursue their dreams.

At the heart of this groundbreaking campaign is the "Pathfinder Sabbaticals." AAC is offering individuals who have succeeded in their chosen paths but aspire to follow their true passions a chance to embrace embrace their uniqueness. 

This initiative allows everyone to apply for a compensated sabbatical for a full month to pursue their passion—whether it’s becoming an artist, scuba diver, entrepreneur, or working on a world-changing idea.

The Nissan Pathfinder is more than just a vehicle or so it wants to be perceived through likewise initiatives; it’s positioning itself as a partner in the journey towards self-fulfillment and extraordinary achievements that go beyond merely existing. 

This campaign invites individuals to join the movement to "Be Unbound,” explore new horizons, by applying now for the dream job sabbatical and defy the ordinary with the Nissan Pathfinder.



Agency Credits:

Joe Lahham – Managing Director

Walid Kanaan – Chief Creative Officer

Frederico Roberto – Executive Creative Director

Georges Kyrillos – Regional Creative Director

Sumanth Wilkins – Creative Director

Rijin Kunnath – Head of Design

Rijin Kunnath – Head of Design

Jad Chidiac – Senior Art Director

Sanele Ngubane – Senior Copywriter

Hiba Shmaysani – Copywriter

Richard Rao – Account Director

Vidhi Gupta – Senior Account Manager

Mohammed Aayaz – Account Executive

Mazin Isameldin – Social Media Manager

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Romy Abdelnour – Head of Communications

Lea Moufarej – Communications Executive