P&G, Zulekha Healthcare Group and Choithrams roll out ‘Pink it Now’ campaign in the UAE
Posted on 2022 Oct,06

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For the third consecutive year, Procter & Gamble (P&G) has partnered with Choithrams and Zulekha Healthcare Group for the ‘Pink it Now’ campaign as part of Breast Cancer Awareness month. In its 11th edition this year, Pink it Now is dedicated to increasing awareness of the disease, promoting screening and early detection under the theme “Bolder and Stronger Together”.

Under the theme “Braver Together” P&G once again unites in support of the Pink It Now campaign, which since the start of its partnership has raised awareness and helped add approximately 3000 women to the overall screening number of 13500 over 11 years now covering free screening and consultations at Zulekha hospitals every year.

Commenting on the initiative, Claudia Manuel, Communications Director, P&G said: “P&G’s support for Pink It Now stems from our commitment to be a force for good through our brands wherever we operate. The initiative continues to play a key role in promoting early detection and prevention of breast cancer in the region. And we are pleased to play our role in continuing to help eliminate stigma and shine a light on the importance of early detection. In addition to advancing awareness, it provides partners and consumers the opportunity to get involved and support this important cause.”

Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer among women in Gulf countries with 1 in 8 women being diagnosed in their lifetime, according to Al Jalila Foundation. This highlights the critical need for research to keep up with the latest developments in treatment and care as well as the importance of early detection as the most effective way to overcome cancer and live life to the fullest.

Rajiv Warrier, CEO, Choithrams, said: “On this vital occasion, we are proud to be reinstating our partnership with P&G for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Giving our customers an added value and opportunity to take part in an initiative that carries such nationwide relevance.”

Pink It Now aims at helping save lives by increasing awareness of breast cancer and providing the local community with mammograms. The campaign will run for a month, whereas the vouchers will carry a validity of up to two months.

Zanubia Shams, Co-Chairperson at Zulekha Healthcare Group, said: “After successfully encouraging our women residents to come forward and take up free screenings, we are excited to open checkups this year again and spread awareness through our corporate partners for the next two months. We have had male breast cancer survivors too treated with us. We strongly advocate those with any symptoms to break stigmas and step forward to screen. This is a wonderful initiative that allows all to take an active part in promoting good health.”