MEmob+ partners with GeoDB to launch a decentralized digital wallet & blockchain protocol ODIN
Posted on 2022 Oct,10

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MEmob+, the data, and location-driven marketing services company, announced its strategic investment in GeoDB, a decentralized peer-to-peer data-sharing ecosystem, to help accelerate innovation in blockchain. The investment is set to reinforce both companies’ shared vision of democratizing data, changing how data is shared and monetized by the users and brands.

MEmob+ and GeoDB’s shared focus includes a decentralized wallet, with a vision of empowering people to earn rewards for the data they share. This stems from the company’s increased efforts towards making people gain control of the data they generate. The soon-to-be-released, decentralized wallet allows users to earn GeoTokens and provide a secure bridge to the world of crypto, offering a premium experience to users and allowing them to earn rewards for the data they share.

GeoDB is a top pioneer in ‘Decentralized Blockchain Data Sharing Ecosystem’ and has an expert team of experienced developers in blockchain technology since 2009. This digital wallet will be a major source for collecting data for both companies, becoming a significant step towards re-establishing the relevance of users as data creators and solidifying their presence as the core assets in a digital marketplace. Both companies have a vision of attracting a large number of users to the decentralized app for it to become the main crypto wallet internationally. MEmob+ will be able to gather first-party data from users, supported by the ODIN protocol enabling efficient Peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions; thus, empowering users to share their information anonymously while earning rewards for it.

“Over the last few years, MEmob+ has invested in blockchain technologies that will soon become critical in a world that is geared towards the Metaverse, enabling users to use cryptocurrencies and NFTs in a virtual world. We are proud to invest in GeoDB as their extensive knowledge of the industry, and their core focus on decentralizing data make them ideal partners that are aligned with our vision of providing people complete control over their data. Through this partnership, we are reinforcing our commitment to investing in technologies that will pave the way for the future and become instrumental in a rapidly changing digital ecosystem. Third-party cookies are becoming obsolete, and consumers are now demanding more transparency and control over their information. Our partnership with GeoDB will enable us to access quality first-party data for capturing consumer preferences so we are able to form trusted and direct relationships,” said Ihab El Yaman, Co-Founder, and CEO at MEmob+.

"We at GeoDB focus on strategizing our growth to expand into different geographies and build upon the latest blockchain technologies. MEmob+ understands our vision and shares a common goal of making the decentralized wallet known to every crypto user. As the leading technology company in the marketing and advertising sector, MEmob+ realizes the significance of the Metaverse  and building apps in a decentralized space. It is critical for us to strategically expand with a partner holding a strong technology infrastructure to support our common objectives.  We are honored to join hands with MEmob+ as we continue to strengthen ties while expanding globally until we reach our ultimate goals,” commented Manuel De La Esperanza & Luis Gelado Crespo.

The multi-chain decentralized wallet allows users to trade tokens at their will and pays directly into the users’ accounts, with increased rewards resulting from increased sharing of location data of the app. Being multi-account, the wallet also allows one to interact with different blockchains and access different wallets within the app. It is non-custodial, not storing keys or access, giving users full control of their funds, thus, making it one of the safest crypto wallets.

MEmob+’s investment in GeoDB represents the company’s broader strategy of diversifying globally and joining hands with partners to redefine the user’s data experience. MEmob+ and GeoDB have worked on the ODIN protocol, which sits on the cosmos blockchain for the smooth and secure transfer of data from Web 2 to Web 3. 

The company has previously seen significant growth with clients in the GCC and Europe, establishing a regional head office in Madrid.