KFC and Cheetos join hands for the crunch
Posted on 2024 Apr,30  | By ArabAd's staff

In a bold move that's set to shake up taste buds across the Middle East region, KFC has joined forces with the iconic Cheetos, to unveil a culinary sensation: Crunchin' Cheese Fried Chicken!

By teaming up with Cheetos, the crunchy corn puff snack brand made by Frito-Lay, renowned for its bold and exciting flavors, KFC has created a fusion that's larger than life – guaranteed to leave consumers craving more. Imagine the crunchiest collaboration yet: where Original meets Crunchin' Cheese in the Colonel's Kitchen. It's a flavor showdown like no other, with Colonel Sanders and Chester the Cheetah leading the charge. 

Picture it: Flavor vs. Flavor. Crunch against Crunch.

This tantalizing partnership is more than just a meal; it is introduced as a sensory explosion and how else can it not be? Those two brands are known to be always a crowd favorite. So it is no surprise that with "Finger Lickin' Good" at its heart, KFC X Cheetos is sure to deliver a mouthwatering experience that defies expectations.

What started with a series of teaser films and social media executions to build excitement – unveiling the iconic characters Colonel Sanders and Chester the Cheetah coming together – quickly evolved into a fully-fledged 360-degree campaign including TVC, digital, and OOH touchpoints that are captivating the audience.

This isn't just food; it's an event. And the means to announce it are just It, as fun and cool as the collaboration.

Rolling out across the Middle East, the campaign is a crunch-filled 80-second live-action film showcasing Colonel Sanders and a CGI Chester the Cheetah dancing it out in the kitchen to perfect the new recipe, combining KFC’s signature breaded chicken with a special Cheetos coating. 

Chuck Studios, the global food advertising specialist, brings the finger-lickin’ goodness of ‘Chrunchin’ Cheese Chicken’ to life with a mouthwatering 30-second kitchen sequence, which showcases KFC’s signature fried chicken and the sticky irresistibility of Cheetos crisps. The crispy chicken, seasoned with a crunchy, cheesy coating is fried until perfectly golden and finished with a sprinkling of extra Cheetos seasoning.

The live-action part of the campaign, in which the two brand mascots cook up their collaborative scheme, was handled by the production partner Good People.

Ahmed Arafa, Marketing Director at KFC MENAPAKT & CIS, commented: “Our latest chapter with Cheetos marks our biggest marketing effort thus far in 2024 and is all about a unique partnership between two big bosses. Our collaboration with Chuck Studios was instrumental in bringing our vision to the screen. And what better way to enjoy the best of both, KFC and Cheetos, than a double crunch.”

Olaf Van Gerwen, Founder and Global Creative Director said: “I’m a true believer in co-branding. This film brings fans of both KFC and Cheetos together for a new experience. Brand and agency teams were on board with sprinkling in fresh camera movements, new angles and weird lenses, so there was a lot to experiment with to underline the iconic and unique proposition. I have to admit though, I ate a few too many Cheetos on set. Cheetos dust all over my gear. Talk about finger lickin’ good.”

KFC Arabia and Cheetos are officially #PartnersInCrunch, and the results are surely extraordinary.

Buckle up – your taste buds are in for a wild ride!




Walid Kanaan – Chief Creative Officer

Joe Lahham – Managing Director

Frederico Roberto – Executive Creative Director

Rodrigo Scapolan – Creative Director

Sanele Ngubane – Senior Copywriter

Diogo Seibert – Senior Art Director

Farida Abdel Aal – Arabic Copywriter

Ramez Rahal – Strategic Planner

Ahmed Hamza – Senior Account Director

Richard Rao – Account Director

Tony Kayouka – Head of Social and Content

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Hamza Khan – Senior Social Media Manager

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Carol Younan - Social Media Executive

Karim El Khoury – Digital Account Executive 

Diala Toska – Digital Account Executive 

Natasha Oneto – Senior Producer

Abir Hanna – Senior Producer

Alia Fakha – Producer


Production Company: Chuck Studios 

Producer: Didi Stoepman

Director & DOP : Olaf van Gerwen
Art Director: Jantien de Wilde 

Editor: Tom Burggraaf

CGI partner: Unexpected GmbH

Production Company live action: Good People

Producer Good People: Omar Khalil 

Live action director: Aziz Aljasmi

Romy Abdelnour – Head of Communications

Lea Moufarej – Communications Executive

Ahmed Abouelnour - Senior Content Creator

Kalaiselvan Mariyappna - Finalizer

Sugan Jeevarathinam - Finalizer

Steve Guiragossian – Senior Finalizer

Dheepu Peter – Senior Graphic Designer

Binoy Samuel – Senior Graphic Designer

Smithesh Krishnan – Senior Designer

Leo Paul – Senior Digital Designer

Mike Thomas – Senior Finalizer

Abdulrahman Hany – Content Creator

Girish Sapalya – Retoucher


Production: Good People, Chuck Studios, Alex & Steffen, Barry Kirsch Productions