Reputation House celebrates its official HQ launch in Dubai
Posted on 2023 Dec,04

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Reputation House, a global Online Reputation Management (ORM) agency, celebrated the official inauguration of its Middle East and North Africa (MENA) headquarters based in Dubai, marking a pivotal moment in the company's expansion strategy. 

The launch underscored Reputation House's “deep-seated commitment to the MENA region”, says the press statement.

The company  also introduced ‘Check Reputation’, a product said to be revolutionary, designed to transform the landscape of online reputation management.

By collecting millions of gigabytes of data from diverse online sources, Check Reputation guarantees a thorough examination, leaving no crucial information overlooked. Utilizing an in-house AI service, the collected data undergoes meticulous analysis. The results are then presented in a clear and accessible format, offering valuable research insights. Beyond mere reporting, Check Reputation takes a proactive approach, crafting targeted strategies to actively enhance and improve the online reputation of individuals and organizations.

Dima Raketa, CEO, Reputation House, expressed enthusiasm about the MENA headquarters' launch, saying, "Our journey in the region is a testament to our dedication to empowering individuals and organizations to shape their digital narrative positively. Choosing Dubai as MENA base to leverage city’s advanced digital infrastructure.”

Providing insights into Reputation House's vision for the region and the substantial investment, Dima Raketa said, "Revolutionary product ‘Check Reputation’ allows access to gathered data about the object, making reputation management easier for the audience. Online reputation stands as the most critical aspect, where a brand’s exceptional products may go unnoticed, and the virtual image can diverge from reality. Reputation, rather than being elusive or beyond control, serves as a canvas for individuals and entities to vividly showcase what they bring to the table.” 

He added, “In the digital era, everyone possesses the ability to mold their online presence, bridging the gap between the real and virtual realms. At Reputation House, we believe in demystifying reputation and empowering clients to authentically shape their digital narrative."

With a firm focus on becoming an industry leader in the MENA region, Reputation House's suite of products, including ORM, Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM), and the Reputation House App, are geared to empower clients to take control of their online narrative.

Looking ahead, Reputation House announced its next strategic move – an expansion into Saudi Arabia in 2024. This decision aligns seamlessly with the company's strategy to cater to the growing demand for reputation management services in the region.