SOCIALEYEZ introduces new branding and positioning
Posted on 2024 Mar,11

Dubai-based digital engagement agency SOCIALEYEZ has unveiled a transformative repositioning and branding identity, including a new philosophy, “Create, No Matter What”

The new positioning is said to underscore the company’s evolution as “genuine creative strategists with eyes on everything social for organisations to build meaningful relationships with their audience.”

A powerhouse of creativity and strategy, SOCIALEYEZ serves as a company’s creative GPS – storytellers, tech geniuses and forward-thinking architects, all wrapped up in one innovative package.

"Our commitment to 'Create, No Matter What' reflects our dedication to genuine creativity and strategic innovation. As we celebrate 14 years of legacy, SOCIALEYEZ is poised to redefine the digital landscape and continue delivering impactful solutions to our clients," said Tarek Esper, Managing Director at SOCIALEYEZ.

The key principles that support the brand positioning include:

Real: Creativity is genuine, connections are sincere, and every action aligns with SOCIALEYEZ's identity.

Love: Fueled by a deep passion for impactful work, SOCIALEYEZ goes above and beyond to create meaningful and influential outcomes.

Drive: The energy behind 'Create, No Matter What', propelling SOCIALEYEZ forward, always pushing for the new, the next and the better.

At the core of SOCIALEYEZ's ethos is the seamless integration of three major components: Insights, Strategy and Creativity. 

“Insights serve as the inception of 'Create, No Matter What,' delving beneath the surface to unearth what truly matters. This meticulous approach ensures that every creative endeavour is purposeful, effective, and in harmony with clients' objectives.

Meanwhile, Creativity takes centre stage as the heartbeat of 'Create, No Matter What,' crafting a real impact, seizing attention and leaving an indelible impression. SOCIALEYEZ's commitment to creativity is about making a meaningful mark that resonates,” reads the press statement.

The company has introduced its new brand at an internal launch event on March 7, 2024.