Snapchat and OptimizeApp to empower SMEs in MENA
Posted on 2024 Mar,11

OptimizeApp, Kuwait-based advertising technology startup that enables SMEs to create, launch and optimize campaigns on social media channels has joined forces with Snapchat in a strategic partnership to better serve the evolving needs of SMEs in the MENA region.

The partnership comes as a response to the success OptimizeApp continues to drive, positioning itself as the go-to platform for making advertising simpler and more effective for SMEs in the region. Serving over 8,000 e-commerce stores, restaurants and cafes alongside service providers in MENA, OptimizeApp will use its technology platform to help advertisers find success on Snapchat whether they are running their first campaign or as a returning advertiser.

“We’re excited to partner with Snapchat in our mission to empower thousands of SMEs across the MENA region. OptimizeApp's platform offers a comprehensive and fully localized solution from an interface, payment and account management perspective - addressing the needs  of SMEs looking to launch and manage effective digital ad campaigns. Through our partnership with Snapchat, we're committed to providing tailored solutions and support for SMEs looking to take their businesses to the next stage,” said Founder and CEO of OptimizeApp, Bader Alkazemi.

Hussein Freijeh, Vice President of Snap Inc. in the Middle East and North Africa, added, "It gives us great pleasure to join forces with our partners at OptimizeApp to support and empower SMEs across the region. Snapchatters in the GCC open the platform over 45 times a day making it the most frequently used app throughout the day, and through partnerships like these, we believe we will significantly help SMEs reach a wider audience on the platform as well as drive real results.”

Snapchat will extend operational and technical support to OptimizeApp to ensure seamless integration and optimization of the platform’s advertising solutions for SME clients across the region. Snapchat will also collaborate with OptimizeApp on marketing programs and events to meet the needs of this cohort of customers.

OptimizeApp will empower SME advertisers by providing comprehensive education and guidance throughout their digital advertising journey.

Through Snapchat’s suite of solutions, it will offer expertise in creative development, campaign management, and reporting, enabling SMEs to maximize the value of their digital media budgets.

This strategic partnership underscores the company'sshared vision of democratizing digital advertising and empowering SMEs with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in today's dynamic digital landscape.