Shahid and Barajoun Entertainment to produce original Arabic animations
Posted on 2022 Jun,07

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Shahid, the global Arabic streaming platform, is partnering up with Barajoun Entertainment, an animation and visual effects studio in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Through this partnership, Barajoun Entertainment will produce five original Arabic-language animations, to be streamed exclusively under the Shahid Originals category on Shahid VIP – the premium, subscription-based service of Shahid – over the next three years.

The aim of this latest collaboration is to grow and promote original Arabic animations that feature diverse stories that appeal to both local and international viewers. It’s also part of both companies’ mission to mentor and support pioneering animators and other talented content creators, offering platforms in which their work can be accessed by larger audiences.

Tareq Al-Ibrahim, Director of MBC1, MBC DRAMA, and Shahid VIP Content, commented: “We are extremely excited to be partnering with Barajoun Entertainment, the region’s pioneers in the animation industry. One of our missions has always been to tell the diverse and varied stories of the region to the rest of the world, conveying our great heritage, civilisations, cultures and lifestyles to viewers everywhere.

It is important for us to tell stories that reflect the reality of the region, carry its values, reflect its history and even foresee its future. We are confident that our partnership with Barajoun Entertainment, headed up by Ayman Jamal, will contribute towards strengthening the animation industry in the GCC and the entire MENA region, elevating the industry to the global standard.”

Meanwhile, Ayman Jamal, Founder and Producer of Barajoun Entertainment, added: “This is an important move that encourages the development of the overall animation industry in the region. At Barajoun, we support the process and production of content that is unique and purposeful, created to the highest technical and technological standards.

With Shahid being the world’s leading Arabic streaming platform, I am looking forward to seeing this collaboration contribute towards the development of more Saudi and Arab talent working in the fields of writing, graphic design, modelling and animation, as well as performance and voice acting – all specialties of this vital industry that attract viewers from across the world. I believe that we truly have the potential to be on par with the biggest international animation studios, production companies, and content makers."

Jamal concluded: “As we work towards creating the first five confirmed productions, we will also be operating on the sidelines, collaborating with various departments at MBC GROUP to develop related products such as games or merchandise.”

The first collaboration between Shahid and Barajoun Entertainment is expected to launch on Shahid VIP this July. Based on a science fiction novel, the work will feature the voice of a well-known Arab actor, to be unveiled closer to the time.

Shahid is part of MBC GROUP, the largest and leading media company in the MENA.