Shahid announces expansion of its ad tech solutions
Posted on 2024 Jan,25

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Shahid, the global Arabic streaming platform by MBC GROUP, announced an expansion of its ad tech solutions, to provide brands with targeted and tailor-made formats that best leverage the platform’s premium Arabic content.

The announcement was made during an exclusive event in Dubai hosted by Shahid and MBC Media Solutions (MMS), the commercial arm of MBC GROUP.

At the event, Shahid revealed that more than 86% of its content is now available for viewers to watch for free on AVOD, and that the majority of Shahid’s Ramadan 2024 content this year will be available on AVOD for viewers to enjoy for free.

MMS introduced the exciting new ad solutions that are now available on Shahid. Among these new offerings is the Ramadan Timer ad format, which allows brands to sponsor an Iftar and Imsak timer on the platforms’ home and show pages for the duration of the holy month.

Another solution that was showcased was the branded collection offering, which enables clients to sponsor curated content on Shahid for a category of titles on the homepage. The QR code feature was also introduced for hero and pause banners. This new feature directs audiences to brands’ websites or online stores.

Shahid’s data-driven capabilities and leading video measurement metrics and their ability to unlock audience growth through targeted content and technology were also highlighted at the event.

Commenting on Shahid’s content and product offering, Natasha Matos-Hemingway, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer at Shahid said: “Shahid has gradually become a streaming powerhouse in the region, leading across key markets despite competition from global players. This can be attributed mainly to the premium Arabic content on Shahid, which has positioned the platform as the number one destination for free premium Arabic entertainment, together with its seamless user experience and variety to suit everyone’s needs.”

Ahmed Al Sahhaf, CEO of MMS on the other hand highlighted MMS’s commitment on ongoing innovation to deliver ad tech solutions that are backed by data, technology, and talent.

“Our latest ad solutions are designed to enable brands to establish meaningful connections with their audiences across all devices and in a brand safe environment. We hope to continue advancing in the AVOD frontier, connecting brands with their audiences seamlessly wherever they watch.”

During the event, Jad Saab, Shahid Growth Lead at MMS took the stage to highlight MMS’s dedication in advancing its offerings to empower brands in achieving their objectives.

"We're not just rolling out new ad formats; we're orchestrating seamless connections with audiences across all platforms, ensuring brands engage with viewers throughout their entire viewing experience. This is merely the beginning; we're committed to continuously enhancing our services, setting industry benchmarks, and pioneering new solutions to stay ahead of the curve."

Ahmed Qandil, Director of Growth Marketing at Shahid, also took the stage, showcasing how Shahid continues to lead as the world’s #1 Arabic VOD platform.

“Innovation is woven into the fabric of Shahid's content offerings. Our expanded approach is dedicated to crafting experiences that profoundly resonate with our viewers, enriching their journey through the richness of our premium content. Our goal is to continually set new standards, ensuring Shahid remains the ultimate destination for captivating entertainment experiences in the region."

The event was attended by industry talents and leaders from the marketing and media fields as well as MBC GROUP, Shahid & MMS.