Shahid launches 21 subscription-free digital channels
Posted on 2022 Oct,18

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For the first time in the Arab world, ‘Shahid’ MBC Group’s streaming platform, launched 21 subscription-free digital channels.

The launch of the ‘Fast Channels’ marks a new era of interactive digital live streaming services, offering viewers a rich mix of content without the need to subscribe.

The high-definition channels, which were launched last September, vary in genres to accommodate viewers taste, ensuring they have easy and free access to their favourite series, movies, plays, programs and much more.

The Fast Channels blend the best of video on demand (VoD) and subscription video on demand (SVOD) to offer viewers premium content for free with advertising breaks.

The 21 Fast Channels include:

  • Tash: This channel focuses on the widely popular Saudi Arabian satirical comedy ‘Tash Ma Tash’ that ran for 18 seasons and is considered one of the most successful television shows in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.
  • Hseenwa: This channel features the work of Abdulhussain Abdulredha, a pioneer of theatre and drama in the Gulf region, with his wicked sense of humour and unforgettable performances.
  • Al Sham: From the days of “Layali Al Salhiyah” & “Bab Al Harra”, this channel features the greatest Syrian TV series and historical stories.
  • Tareekhy: When history meets entertainment… good things happen. Here’s to the end of boring history lessons. Viewers can now watch high-production history series to enjoy, learn & repeat!
  • Fanan al Arab: This channel features Arab superstar Mohmmed Abdo’s greatest hits & more.
  • Tarab: For Arabian music lovers looking for elevated musical experiences.
  • Style: A rich and diverse lifestyle channel that covers everything from fashion, health, cooking & much more.
  • Mawaheb: This channel features the most popular talent shows.
  • Turkey : For Turkish production lovers who want to stay up-to-date with the latest and best Turkish movies and series.
  • Bollywood: This channel immerses viewers in the incredible colourful world of Bollywood with its series and unforgettable tunes.
  • Khaleeji: Is viewers’ one-stop shop for the best drama series from the gulf.
  • Comedy: Where laughing is guaranteed with its diverse comedy content.
  • Egypt: Drama productions that shaped the Arab drama scene with memorable performances & stories.
  • Al Masrah: A channel devoted to the Arabian theatre.
  • Al Zaeem: He played the good, the bad, the victim & the oppressor... this channel features all the greatest hits of the Egyptian icon, Adel Imam.
  • Al Astoora : Mohammed Ramadan, the star who dominated the region’s film and music industries.
  • Levant: A rich selection of different genres ranging from action, drama, & more starring fan-favorite Levantine stars
  • Al Chef : A channel focused on the Emmy-nominated cooking show, Top Chef.
  • Nojoom: Stars are made… not born. Right? Viewers can now tune-in and watch the Queen of Gulf TV, Huda Hussain in her best roles.
  • Korean: For Korean drama lovers.
  • Maqaleb: Featuring the most popular & latest prank shows.
  • Shahid Al Oula: A curated selection of special & exclusive Shahid productions that deserve a re-watch.