TRKKN MENA achieves Premier Partner status on Google Cloud Platform
Posted on 2024 Feb,16

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TRKKN MENA, the Analytics, Marketing & Cloud consultancy part of Omnicom Media Group (OMG), is now a Premier Partner on the Google Cloud Platform, leveraging its expertise both locally and across Europe to provide data and marketing analytics solutions to their clients. 

This underscores TRKKN MENA's commitment to delivering seamless, end to end customer experiences from the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) to Google Cloud solutions. In doing so, they help their clients derive and apply invaluable customer insights, under-pinned by data, which lead to increased marketing efficiency and ROI. 

As a Premier Partner, TRKKN MENA joins an elite group of technology firms recognized for their exceptional performance, customer success, and expertise in utilizing Google Cloud products and services. This milestone, which involved technical interviews and assessments, validates TRKKN MENA's dedication to maintaining the highest standards of technical proficiency, customer satisfaction, and product expertise within the Google Cloud ecosystem.

TRKKN MENA is recognized for offering marketers in the region enhanced technical expertise, thanks to the deep knowledge and proficiency in Google Cloud technologies of its team of certified experts. This means its clients get tailored solutions that meet their specific business needs and challenges.

TRKKN MENA will now enjoy priority access to Google Cloud resources, support, and training, enabling faster resolution of issues and continuous improvement of services. They also enjoy early access to new Google Cloud products, features, and updates, allowing clients to stay ahead of the curve and leverage the latest advancements in cloud technology to drive business innovation. Premier Partners procure a seamless and hassle-free experience for clients, from the initial consultation and deployment to ongoing management and optimization, thanks to end-to-end support throughout the cloud journey.

TRKKN is leveraging its successful track record with the Premier Partner status in Europe to offer competitive rates for GCP in MENA. With these, marketers eager to embrace the next big thing can, for example, explore the benefits of the cloud on their digital marketing maturity and the return on their online investments. The consolidation of data across multiple touch points into GCP allows customers to gain a more holistic view and gather invaluable insights into customer journeys. It also helps leverage the built-in ML tools to enable advanced customer segmentation, improve marketing efficiency and personalize customer journeys.

“Achieving Premier Partner status on the Google Cloud Platform is a testament of TRKKN MENA's unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer success. This milestone reflects our ongoing commitment, Working hand in hand with the Google MENA cloud team, we empower businesses in the MENA region with cutting-edge cloud solutions that boost efficiency and drive digital transformation,” declared Vimal Badiani, managing director of TRKKN MENA. “It’s by being best-in-class ourselves that we can propel our clients in that same position in their own industry by deploying cutting-edge marketing and tech solutions. This latest certification by Google is more than a seal of approval, it’s the beacon that guides the choice of a GCP partner.”