'The Last Call' campaign bids farewell to Dodge V8 engine in style
Posted on 2024 Feb,24

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Dodge has signaled for a final celebration of the V8 HEMI, allowing for true automotive enthusiasts to experience the legendary engines in the Challenger and Charger models in the Middle East, while they still can. Embracing this bold legacy, the V8 HEMI promises to bid an unforgettable farewell to the roaring era of the engine.

Now 70 years young, the V8 HEMI will leave behind a powerful mark, as Dodge draws a final farewell to the engine that has been so well known and loved for its raw power and unapologetic roar.

Larger-than-life billboards showcasing the iconic V8 engines have rolled out across Dubai's skyline. These billboards, designed to capture the very essence of the V8, will serve as a testament to its unparalleled legacy. Social media platforms will come alive with interactive and eye-catching posts, capturing moments, igniting conversations and celebrating the remarkable journey of the V8 engine with #MyHemiStory.

Fans of the automotive brands have been asked to showcase their passionate journey with the #MyHemiStory Challenge and share the stories that revolve around the beloved HEMI engines. They are also invited to craft a 30-45 second selfie-video that encapsulates their HEMI escapades - whether it's reliving a first encounter with the HEMI, reminiscing about unforgettable moments, or celebrating the bonds formed around this iconic engine.

Stuart Laurie, Head of Chrysler, Dodge & Ram Trucks at Stellantis Middle East said: "The Last Call campaign is not just a goodbye; it's a celebration of the remarkable journey we've had with the V8 engine. Dodge has always been about pushing boundaries, and this decision to retire the legendary HEMI marks a new chapter in our pursuit of innovation and sustainability."

The Last Call campaign is set to ignite passion and nostalgia, inviting everyone to bid farewell to the V8 engine in style. Follow the hashtag #MyHemiStory for updates and to be a part of the journey as Dodge shifts gears into a new era of automotive excellence.