Tiffany & Co. introduces 'Follow the Bird', an AR experience like no other created by BUREAU BEATRICE
Posted on 2022 Oct,05

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The Jewelry house Tiffany & Co. in collaboration with luxury creative tech-focused agency, BUREAU BEATRICE, recently introduced in Dubai Mall an interactive hoarding set to stay live until the end of November. The augmented reality (AR) experience takes guests on a journey that unfolds in three chapters, allowing them to discover the story of one of the brand’s most iconic pieces: The Bird On The Rock—one of the mos emblematic designs by the famed French visionary Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany & Co.

The #FollowTheBird experience takes Dubai Mall visitors on a journey from New York to Dubai.

Having turned the hoarding into a showcase of art from local- based calligraphy-artist Diaa Allam, guests are invited to scan a QR code that will see three distinct windows come to life. Users are invited to follow the bird from one window to the next and see the story unfold.

Looking beyond the technological world first that we are introducing today, it’s our deeply rooted belief both at Tiffany & Co. and BUREAU BÉATRICE, that technology should always disappear in favor of emotion that makes this experience so unique. It’s that same belief that helped us turn an often disregarded marketing collateral - the hoarding - into a truly magical experience. Innovation and creativity go hand in hand and in luxury more so today than ever before thanks to the creative courage shown by both teams,” says Jon S Maloy, Co-Founder & Creative Director of luxury creative technology company BUREAU BÉATRICE.

Months of development have gone into making this experience what it is: seamless and visually exciting.

By pushing the boundaries of how web-based AR could be leveraged, the #FollowTheBird experience introduces a world first by integrating location based augmented reality, real-time tracking and object recognition into a single software—a technological world first, blurring the lines between reality and imagination.


After fluttering around Dubai, Schlumberger's iconic bird will travel to various Tiffany & Co. stores across Europe, namely Paris and Berlin.