Chevrolet Arabia launches a Hashtag Campaign Addressed to Saudi Women
Posted on 2018 Mar,07  | By ArabAd staff

Launched ahead of the International Women’s Day, Chevrolet Arabia is very much in the moment with its latest hashtag campaign #UpToMe, designed to pay tribute to Saudi Arabian women.

The historic lifting of the ban on women being allowed to drive in the kingdom has opened great opportunities to automotive brands to start targeting their advertising communications to a new consumer segment.

The short video features real Saudi women answering one question: “Will you drive come June 2018?” 

Their answers underline a powerful choice of words that express their own decision.

Indeed, the spot shows that while some women may be eager to make a statement, others admit they have no intention of getting behind the wheel in first year. 

In a statement, the automotive brand said: “Chevrolet recognises that the real milestone is that women can now decide to either get behind the wheel or not.” 

“Ingrained in the Saudi community for over 90 years now, Chevrolet has been a constant companion providing dependable means of transport to both men and women in the kingdom,” said Molly Peck, chief marketing officer at General Motors M.E.. 

“With #UpToMe, Chevrolet recognises Saudi women’s newfound possibility to decide, and it emphasises that from this June onwards, it’s up to them.”