Getting the Mix Just Right
Posted on 2016 May,12  | By ArabAd staff

If you’ve been watching Lebanese TV lately, there’s one specific ad you could not have missed. Thanks to its world-class production and innovative approach, the new “Krikita Nuts” TVC created plenty of buzz and grabbed the attention of viewers of all ages.

Krikita’s brief for the TVC was certainly challenging: produce a timeless ad that has global appeal and position this local brand in the international premium category. 

To produce the campaign, ad agency PIMO hired an international team of experts who worked on the task for quite some time. 
Phase two saw a team of engineers producing the campaign after creating eight distinct devices that simulate the process each nut goes through from selection to roasting.

During the six-day shoot, 100 kilos of nuts were used and the latest tabletop techniques employed in parallel with fancy camera work and added effects to beautifully capture the sight of the nuts moving through the air and glass tubes. 
The end result was spectacular considering that no computer graphics were used to create the effects. Hadi Charara’s creative sound design, which accompanied the video, achieved the perfect blend of visual dynamics and storytelling appeal.

With its leading edge production, The Krikita TVC managed to garner a great deal of buzz across the social sphere, with many commenting the outstanding visual impact of the ad.

Agency Credits:
Agency : PIMO
Client: Ets. Michel Najjar & Fils
Production house: 360 FX Milan, Italy
Director and DOP: Steve Downer
Motion control Operator: Francesco Villanelli
SFX: Andrea Bonomi- Franco Aroni
Engineer work: Roberto Re
Post Production: Band, Milan Italy
Music Composition and Sound Design:  Hadi Charara Studios