Lipton Pays Tribute to Lebanon’s Positive People
Posted on 2016 Sep,05  | By ArabAd staff

With Lipton’s 2016 brief being all about the ultimate mood lifter, Beirut-based PIMO used the opportunity to build on this and reach a new segment of the youth generation.

Once perceived as a traditional and ubiquitous brand, today Lipton speaks the same language as the youth who are optimistic and more present in the moment. In response, the agency created an activation campaign at preselected geographical locations as well as online. To achieve optimal impact, a social experiment was undertaken. A number of highly-crowded locations were selected and interactive booths installed in Byblos, the Mzaar Summer Festival, Beirut Souks and more. People were asked whether they see the cup half full or half empty. It played on the concept of ‘optimism versus pessimism’ and had 32,855 Lebanese participants. The #liptonmoodofnation was hence created. 
Consequently, an online platform went live also engage those expressing interest. The results indicated that 65 percent tend to see the cup half full, proving that positivity prevails!
Building on the results of this interactive activation, PIMO decided to share the positivity through a viral video, paying tribute to young Lebanese influencers who exhibit the upbeat side of Lebanon, each in their own way. The video featured the band Adonis, who collaborated with Lipton to pen a campaign song highlighting the ‘cup half full’. The song ran on major Arabic radio stations. In addition, graffiti artist Ashekman contributed by painting a 200 meter long wall in Karantina. On a similar note, Eddy Bitar, founder of Live Love Beirut used calligraphy to create a unique piece on the subject.


“This project came together due to a number of factors, namely, an insightful client, a fully dedicated and highly-experienced production agency, as well as a visionary director, Mazen Fayad”, according to Pimo’s creative team. In other words, all those involved went the extra mile to make this happen.
“Wa2if, Rawek and Kamel“ (Stop, calm down and go on) is the Lipton call to action!
Positivity is contagious, spread it!

Agency: Pimo
Client: Unilever Mashreq
Production house: Ecstasy Labs
Director: Mazen Fayad
DOP: Pierre Mouarkech
POST Production: The Brightside
Software Development Co: Bright Lab
Audio Production:  Composed and performed by Adonis Band
Produced by: Jean Marie Riachi
Recorded and mixed by: JMR Studios
Social Media Agency: MyNetworking