Lebanon's SMEs in the Spotlight
Posted on 2016 Aug,30  | By ArabAd staff

With around 90% of its private sector comprising small to medium-sized businesses, Lebanon is a country that is truly defined by them. These small enterprises employ more than 80% of the country’s workforce and are a vital contributor to its GDP, which means they contribute largely to Lebanon’s diversity and development. Yet, for all the support they provide the country, they do not get the support they deserve. In an environment filled with obstacles (from infrastructural to financing options) that hinder their survival and success, it is no wonder Lebanon’s SMEs, regardless of their immense potential, often feel insignificant, powerless and ignored.

As SMEs form the backbone of the country’s economy, Leo Burnett understood that creating a campaign to address them is, in fact, to be in conversation with the majority of Lebanon’s professionals. This is why it was important to launch a message that is nationwide, resonates with the majority of Lebanese, and talks to all small businesses, from the traditional to the more modern, and across industries and expertise.

“We wanted to communicate that Bank Audi, recognises the importance of these small businesses to the country and, because of this, has redesigned SME Banking around their specific business needs. Because what does it really mean to be a small business? It means to be a source of strength, a force with unlimited potential,” explains Leo Burnett creative team.



To achieve this, the team drew from Leo Burnett’s 'HumanKind' philosophy, a thinking process fundamentally based on echoing real human insights that stem directly from the audience. In this particular case, it was based on the insight that Lebanon’s SMEs, although perceived as small, are in fact formidable, hold great potential, and have an immense impact on the country. 

The concept of the campaign focused on challenging the definition of what a 'small' business is. The agency partnered with Clandestino Films, with a beautiful and very personal interpretation by director Wissam Smayra. 

For the outdoor campaign, Bank Audi wanted to communicate its belief in SMEs and the positive ripple effect that each business, as small as it may be, has on the community and on human lives. The focus was visually put on the working hands behind every small business, visuals that were delicately framed by photographer Patricia Yammine.

The result is a launch campaign all parties trust has achieved its goals and won people's hearts. The agency is looking forward to developing the campaign even further in the future.