Puck encourages men to lend a helping hand to women during Ramadan  
Posted on 2017 May,26  | By ArabAd staff

Ramadan is a month when people fast from dawn to dusk, abstaining from food and drink.Two meals are typically prepared. First, it’s Suhour (opening of the fast), when people eat and drink before dawn. And next, it’s Iftar (breaking of the fast), when people eat and drink at dusk.

In Ramadan, men in most parts of the world, usually tend to relax before Iftar or around Suhour while women are the ones in charge of the menu and the preparing of the food for the whole family. Strangely, this has become a norm, especially in the Middle East and women have naturally embraced their role. Additionally, most food brands fuel this disparity, as they tend to target only mothers and women during Ramadan, sharing what and how to cook.

But if Ramadan meals are enjoyed by everyone, then why is it that only mums and women are usually tasked with preparing them? Ramadan meals are not just a woman’s responsibility.

And that is exactly the perspective that Puck from Arla Foods is bringing to the Middle East region, by encouraging men (husbands and sons) to lend a hand to the everyday chefs – mums and wives – be it through cooking, cutting, cleaning or even setting up the table. Because Puck’s mission of “mealtime joy”, in at least a month-like Ramadan when families are encouraged to get closer together, is fulfilling when the preparation for the meal is shared.

The brand has launched this idea through a positively provocative film for the Middle East.


Currently, this idea is being scaled out across markets through male influencers who are lending their women a helping hand and through other online platforms and social channels targeting men.


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