SKINS OF PEACE: A collection of passport covers to fight discrimination at airports
Posted on 2017 Apr,25  | By ArabAd staff

Amnesty International USA and ad agency TBWA\Raad Dubai have recently come up with 'Skin of peace', a social campaign designed to avoid amalgamate Islam and terrorism, heighten awareness about tolerance and its significance in healthy democracies.

Current political tensions have led to Arabs and Muslims being mistreated at airports in the USA and Europe because of their passports. Behind this unfortunate reality, there is a strong misconception that all Arabs and Muslims are terrorists and that Islam is a religion that preaches hate. 

So along with Amnesty International New York, TBWA\RAAD Dubai has come up with a genius idea: turn passports into messages of tolerance and peace through a collection of passport covers that showcase messages inspired by the holy book of Islam, The Quran. Adapted into a language all airport officials will understand: English.

Dubbed 'Skins of Peace' (#skinsofpeace), this campaign is designed  to help fight discrimination at airports, heighten awareness about human rights and its significance in a healthy democracy. 

This is an ungoing initiative and Amnesty International invites designers, illustrators, artists the world over and no matter the background or religion, to donate their best work. Over 50 designers have already submitted their creations, which you can now appreciate at where you can also download the specs to create new designs and upload. The only mandatory element is to include the hashtag #IslamMeansPeace in the front cover of the passport skin along with one of the selected messages inspired from The Quran.

Selected designs will be sold at major airports and retail points across the world. All proceeds will benefit Amnesty International USA's work to protect human rights, combat Islamophobia and assist refugees in rebuilding their lives safely.

Beside the challenging creative aspect of the project, this initiative is a powerful means of communicating messages of tolerance and stimulating thinking about the issues that define our world today. So go ahead, let's fight discrimination through good design work and make the voice of tolerance reach far away lands loud and clear.



Advertising Agency: TBWA\RAAD, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Chief Creative Director: Walid Kanaan

Executive Creative Director: Fouad AbdelMalak

Creative Director: Manuel Borde