Sony Elevates the Brand to New ‘Depths’
Posted on 2015 Dec,08  | By ArabAd staff

In a bid to offer its followers an unparalleled experience in line with the capabilities of its latest mobile phone, Sony, in collaboration with communication agency FP7/DXB, did the unthinkable.

They invited the public to enter a draw, which would entitle the lucky winners to visit its first underwater Aquatech outlet in Dubai. The concept store itself, designed and built four meters underwater, could only be accessed by taking a dive!

The three-day event was literally an immersive one, which saw a lucky few using the Sony Xperia Z3 device throughout the entire journey to and back from the store. To top it off, every visitor received the necessary underwater training in addition to a private escort.

The marketing stunt, which made plenty of waves, stands testament to building exemplary brand engagement pertaining to the company’s commitment to promoting and growing its innovative line of waterproof devices.