Young Interns Draw Attention to Gender Inequality in 'What's Going On in The Clinic' Film
Posted on 2020 Mar,07  | By ArabAd staff

Celebrity preferred dermatologist Dr. Constantin el Habr (known as Dr. Costi) and aesthetic dentist Dr. Nathalie Azar have teamed up to bring attention to a serious issue this International Women’s Day: gender inequality in the workplace and how it impacts every one of us, starting from our youngest generation.


The two professionals, Costi and Nathalie, are constantly surrounded by women in their work as well as in their lives, and for this reason they wanted to bring a hot topic to the forefront of the discussion for equality between men and women. And how did they do it?
In the cutest and most relatable way ever, by hiring mini-interns, little girls and boys who represent our society. 

With the prospect of doing an equal job, each girl and boy were paired up and then put to work. Once their task was done, both doctors offered the cute kids a reward for their efforts. However, the reward that the girls got was obviously smaller than the boys, and what a surprise it was.

Gut wrenching and disappointing, the little kids realized the sad truth that in reality women in the workplace are still to this day treated as less valuable than men, and being paid a smaller salary for the same equal jobs.

“I am who I am today because of strong beautiful women who have raised me, taught me and who continue to influence my daily life” confides Dr. Costi. “They are the basis of our society, and we owe them so much more than respect. Gender inequality is a cliché that we must quickly overcome, and recognize women as the true influence they are, for their benefit as well as ours”.

Across the board, women have had to fight to obtain equal rights with men, ever since the right to vote, the right to an education and the right to work. Even to this day, women still have to fight for their freedoms as individuals in a patriarchal society. So when even our young aspiring interns could understand the seriousness of this issue, why can’t we? It’s time for us to raise our kids to be fair. It’s time for girls and boys to be the same, to be equal partners in the workplace. 

This March 8, for International Women’s Day let’s all recognize the women around us, and talk about their equal rights. Just like Dr. Costi and Dr. Nathalie say at the end of the video: “We are equals”.