Georges Slim on the new normal: ‘adaptability, resilience, and flexibility’
Posted on 2024 Mar,30

In response to the uncertain and rapidly changing marketing landscape the world over and in Lebanon in particular, Georges Slim, CEO of Beirut-based independent agency PIMO, lays down what he believes is a sure approach for agencies’ adaptability.


Emphasis on adaptability, resilience, and flexibility in response to uncertain and rapidly changing circumstances is the “new normal”. It revolves around the ongoing trends and shifts in human behavior, technology integration, and societal changes that have persisted beyond the disruptions caused by global events and the subsequent adaptations made by individuals, businesses, and societies to navigate these challenges.

In an ever-changing market, the ability to adapt quickly and remain resilient in the face of challenges is crucial. Agencies should be agile, flexible, and proactive in their approach.

Rebuilding a thriving advertising industry in Lebanon, reminiscent of its golden age, requires a multi-faceted approach that involves nurturing talent, embracing digitalization, fostering creativity, and adapting to the evolving market dynamics while staying true to the local culture and values.

Adapting to the dynamic market conditions is key for ad agencies to remain competitive and meet the changing needs of clients and consumers, which are driven by global events and socio-economic factors, rising awareness and actions towards sustainable practices and a growing demand for convenience and personalized experiences.

While the landscape is continually evolving in 2024, understanding and adapting to evolving consumer preferences, such as AI Powered advertising, immerse experiences, leveraging user-generated content and favoring purpose-driven and empathetic messaging, will be crucial for businesses to stay competitive.

Predicting future trends with certainty is challenging, but several ongoing shifts and emerging technologies could disrupt global marketing practices in 2024, and marketers who stay agile, adapt to emerging technologies, and prioritize consumer needs are likely to navigate these disruptions more effectively.