Havas ME twists YMCA 70s song and launches #YMCASelfCheck, a breast cancer self-check dance
Posted on 2021 Oct,28

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Havas Middle East discovers breast cancer self-check dance moves in iconic 70s song and launches #YMCASelfCheck

Regular self-examination is important, as early detection of breast cancer leads to 98% successful treatment. However, 98.5% of women and men don’t know how to perform a breast self-exam.

As prevention is better than treatment, Friends of Cancer Patients (FoCP) and Havas Middle East are raising awareness during Breast Cancer Awareness Month about the importance of self-check for signs of breast cancer.

The Havas team discovered similarities between the moves of catchy 70s anthem YMCA and adapted them to create #YMCASelfCheck, an easy and fun self-check dance —supervised by a medical expert from FoCP— showing people how to perform self-examination through the 4-song title letters.

Influencer and entrepreneur Logina Salah was the first of many to support the #YMCASelfCheck dance, posting her video on various platforms and encouraging all her followers to do the self-check dance. Other influencers joined the cause, and with zero budget, their content generated over 2.5M impressions reaching a potential combined audience of 6M followers.

With a few days left till October ends, women can join the initiative by doing the #YMCASelfCare dance and sharing it on TikTok and/or Instagram (Story, Reel or Post).

And as Havas ME creative team says, “Each dance can make a difference.”



Y Raise arms in Y shape,

look for skin dimpling

M Make M shape with 3 fingers, press down to feel for lumps

C Make C shape with palm, feel around the side

A Make A shape with 2 fingers, feel nipples for inversions