Giving Bloggers Extra Love
Posted on 2015 Oct,01  | By ArabAd staff

It seems that Roadster Diner, the Lebanese fast food restaurant chain, has grasped the important role today’s young influencers play in the new media landscape and has recently opted to involve bloggers in its marketing outreach strategy.

 To promote its latest offering, the “Black Burger”, Roadster’s ad agency J. Walter Thompson Beirut crafted customised slogans to the most notable and active bloggers in town in order to ensure its campaign meets ample attention from the community and that buzz is created. The strategy met its objective as by giving bloggers extra love and attention, social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook-- with the accompanying hashtag (#WhyGoBlack) --were all bustling with conversations in praise of Roadster’s new offering, hence maximising the impact of the initial campaign.

There are, of course, countless restaurants and menues worthy of press coverage, but it’s those that make a concerted effort to cultivate a brand identity, involve key audiences early on, and make it a point to get the word out that are poised for initial and sustainable success.

By employing a personalised strategy, Roadster ensured that its Black Burger receives all the attention it deserves.